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I have selected delivery pizza and bicycles as service and product for my identifying proper process design approaches. The food and transportation industries both serve as popular outlets in today’s business environment. For facilitating suitable services there are three types of processes including product line approach, self-service approach, and personal attention approach. Product Line Approach

This approach focuses on efficient production of results and services. The strategy is implemented here by incorporating a strict guideline of timeliness. It is beneficial in ensuring quality delivery to the customer (“Product Design And Process Selection”, 2012). Both customers for a service and good require a clean environment for preparation of food and labor accommodations. Self-Serve Approach

An approach such as this one encourages cost savings, improved customer satisfaction, and greater operational efficiencies. This leads to reductions in labor intensive processes, printing and cuts down on phone conversations. In the delivery industry people can be organizing or taking more orders. A company website portal is intact to place orders as well as a promotions system in place to track order history and helps determine current trends in demand. This approach is supportive of offering quality to its customers by creating time saving channels. Customer involvement also can help with efficiency from gained their input (White, 2014). Personal Attention Approach

The main factor of this approach to service can be used as an improvement incentive to focus on the company’s delivery system on things to do well in order to satisfy the customer. Service encounters have a considerably amount of customer contact or the physical presence of the customer in the system. This approach is key in establishing relationships with the company and the customer. Also, when managing the production of products, there are three types of design process including assembly line, job shop, batch production, and continuous flow. Assembly Line

In this approach, this is most suitable for the bicycles. By delegating tasks for assembly through a line moving materials along and passing to necessary workstations. The efficiency of machinery is by having an assembly line that can save time from employees needing to leave their workstations. They are able to get more jobs done in a timely matter (“Process Flow Structures”, 2002-2010). Batch Production

This type of approach, similar items in production is produced together, such as the bicycles. By making in batches reduces unit cost. There can be factors specific factors addressed specific to customer needs such as size, weight, and style (“Process Flow Structures”, 2002-2010). This is the best option for small to mass quantity of production for bicycles. This is also suitable for pizza delivery in terms of different crew members being a part of the preparation start to out of the door. Continuous Flow

This approach has a fixed pace and fixed sequence of activities resulting in the product being produced at a continuous. For the bicycle production, quantity is measure in weight or volume resulting in the demands of the consumer (“Process Flow Structures”, 2002-2010). A peak in sales can rise due to a new type of bike is launched. Also, for pizza delivery one major fan favorite never runs out being in continuous demand nightly.


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