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In today’s society, every American have a daily process to complete, whether the process involves; cleaning, working, attending school, or just preparing a meal for the family. They are individuals who may think, these processes are easy, but if the process requires a significant amount of time, this will cause a problem for an individual. A bottleneck is a term used, when a process is slowed down by doing a certain activity. I believe if individuals can identify their bottleneck, as a result they can improve the process to better. Process

The process I was trying to improve was getting out of bed, and getting prepared for work. The morning time is the worse time, I always feel as if I have too many duties to take care of in the morning. The process had several steps when I first started. The first step was hitting the snooze button, (2) getting out of the bed, (3) using the restroom, (4) brushing teeth, (5) washing face, (6) combing hair, (7) ironing clothes, (8) put clothes on, (9) put make up on, (10) put jewelry and badge on, (11) warm up car, (12) drive to work. Control Limits

Control limits help measure statistical differences easily for an individual (Godfrey, Stephens, Wadsworth, 2002). The control limits in the process will be 15 below the average amount it will take for the entire process. The average time was 55 minutes, so therefore the process should take 45 minutes or less to be efficient, and discover if the improvement actually helped the process. The standard deviation in the process will be five to ten; so it will be correct in the process. Calculations

The calculations that I implemented was efficiency. The efficiency helped me to measure the loss or gain of a process. The following measurements: mean, range, mode, and median can assist in data collection by providing comparisons of more than one variable to another variable even if the variables are measured differently (Learning Team A, 2011). The collected metrics helped me to understand, an average of the time I was spending on each process. I did analysis the data that was collected, and draw my conclusion on what step I need to take next on this matter. Improving Process

I have done several things, to try to make this process as sufficient as possible. First, I identified my bottleneck in my process. Next, I have combined some task, so that this would reduce the time that I have in my process of getting ready. Then I have eliminated several things, which I believe I could be done at my employment and as a result; it will make my process more efficient, and less time consuming. The two tasks I have eliminated at my house in the morning, but take care of at my employment are: (1) putting my make-up on, (2) jewelry, and (3) work badge. I have tried to eliminate task that I believe were a bottleneck to my process, such as ironing my clothes in the morning, I have started ironing my clothes at night. I have also start preparing my snack and lunch at night.

I believe seasonal factors do affect my process, for example, last week the temperature was cold, and one day it snowed. I had to warm my vehicle up longer than normal, because to the fact the temperature was colder outside. I know if it were summer, I would not have to warm my vehicle up; I could get in it, and go to work. Confidence Interval

The confidence interval gives me an estimate value on what range of numbers that my process will have. I first use my data, to see actually how much time; I was using to complete my process every morning. Then I measure the information, by using the statistical distribution, of the mean, median, mode, and range. Then I tried to improve the process by trying to eliminating and combining some of my activities in the morning. My process was within my control limits, but I do not believe my standard deviation was correct. The mean was 40 in the process. The standard deviation was 7.81. The upper control limit was 47.81 and the lower control limit is 32.19.

I believe if an individual will come up with solutions to better processes in life, this would help so many problems individuals have, such as; being late, acquiring health problems, or not knowing how to make a process efficient. I have realized after completing this process plan, if I eliminate certain activities in the morning, this will allow me more time to have to get ready for work, an as a result I will be a happier and more productive employee.


Wadsworth, H., Stephens , K., Godfrey, B. (2002).Modern Methods for Quality Control and Improvement

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