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I used Microsoft Publisher to produce my Leaflet as this program hosted a variety of styles and different colour options, making the Leaflet more attractive.

Choosing the design and format

Firstly I opened up a new file and chose the style ‘axis’ under the subheading catalog, as shown below:

This gave me the template of the leaflet. All I had to do know was to add pictures and information into the Leaflet and give product descriptions, under the template for catalogs it came up with a default number of pages which was 8; this entitled me to have more information to be placed onto the leaflet than intended. Before it fully came up with the template Microsoft Publisher opened up a new window telling me to input my company details, once I had done this it had automatically placed the details onto the leaflet as shown in the screen capture below:

Adding Picture to the publication

1) As the leaflet is plain I decided to put pictures on the leaflet to catch the target audience’s attention. Firstly I started by adding the company’s logo. As there was a default picture already there I right-clicked onto it and it came up with a side menu, I then pointed the mouse under the heading ‘picture’ this then came up with a side menu, and I then clicked on ‘from file’ to place the Games World logo onto the leaflet. This method is shown below:

2) Once I clicked on ‘from file…’, it then came up with another window and displayed ‘my pictures’ I then clicked onto the Games World logo. As shown below;

3) Once clicked, the logo was then placed onto the leaflet and I placed it near to the top of the leaflet as shown below:

I repeated this method to place other pictures onto the leaflet.

Catching the eye of the target Audience

So the new and existing customers can identify the products that my company sells I decided to put the pictures of the four consoles that my company sells on the front of the leaflet. I also put a brief summary of what is inside the leaflet. Also on the front cover I included the company’s motto ‘Games imported all over the world for you’ and a summary of what is inside the leaflet. I placed the pictures using the method as shown previously the final front cover is shown below:

Contact details – on the back of the leaflet

On the back of the leaflet I decided to put the contact details and how to get to Games World. This also included a map from the atlas, which I scanned in to place onto the leaflet. To scan the leaflet I placed the page of the map I needed and placed it printed side down. I then opened up Microsoft Picture It, then there was an icon representing a scanner, once clicked the scanner scanned the picture and put it onto the computers hard drive. I then copy and pasted the map onto the Leaflet. On the back I also placed pictures of the games world headquarters

As shown on the next page the final back page of the leaflet:

The final back page of the leaflet:

Services and consoles page

The services which include the Games World membership, pictures of the membership card and the Games World gifts, the cap and keyring is placed on the leaflet and the swapping of old games to new will be placed on the left page.

Descriptions and pictures of the four game consoles my company sells will be on the right.

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