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As we wrap our final week in class, we’ve been discussing the proper format on how to promote or advertise whether it’s a sports drink, product, or any items in general. As I reflected over our class discussions, I started to think about some of the products that I felt weren’t receiving the proper marketing tactics and although a few came in mind, I thought about this cleaning product known as Awesome! Awesome Cleaning, which has been in business since 1983, is such a great product for cleaning up many stains you possibly couldn’t get to come clean with another popular cleaning product such as grease stains, mold build up, etc. Although the product has a little strong smell, it’s so reliable to use whenever you’re cleaning the house or need help on cleaning up a stain. For example, the most common mistake we’ve all made is wasting a red drink on the floor and having a difficult time getting it up; however, with this product and some solid scrubbing, the stains will come up. I’ve cleaned so many things at home using the product; however, I don’t feel that there is enough advertisement for the brand.

Awesome is such a great product; however, their source of advertisement is very poor and I don’t understand why to be perfectly honest. Many times, I’ve seen the product at stores such as Dollar Tree or Family Dollar for maybe $1.50 or $2.00; however, you will be glancing around to find the product in general. Personally, we didn’t know anything about their product until a family member was telling my mom and I how effective the product can be while cleaning and also where to find Awesome Cleaning Products. After a great experience with the cleaning product, we’ve told other family members and friends and they’ve started to buy the products. As I mentioned in this paragraph, we only were aware of the product due to word of mouth advertising. Since becoming a consistent consumer of the product, I’ve barely seen any promotion or advertisement for their great cleaning brand. Whenever you’ve seen their brand promoted on television, it’s either late at night or one of the advertisements that’s given a 30 minute or a short window on paying a certain price for the products and watch how it works on certain items in your home.

Moving along, although Awesome has made an effort to promote their brand to a certain extent, there’s so many ways to improve their marketing strategy. As I mentioned earlier, their product either receives a 30 minute info commercial advertisement, which is preferably during the late hours or early morning hours or you’re promoting one of the products where if you make a call to an toll free number within a certain period of time, you’ll get another bottle or cleaning product for free. I wouldn’t use that form of advertisement because there’s so many consumers who would prefer not to make the phone call and try a product when there are more accessible products in the main grocery stores such as Lysol, Windex, etc.

Awesome’s strategy going forward should be informing the public through commercials, radio advertisement, and even throughout the Internet that their product is also available in the stores that you’ll find all other popular cleaning brands. Compared to Lysol, Windex, PineSol and other big name cleaning products, they offer some similar items and it’s cheaper; however, it’s poorly marketed. As I was searching on the Internet about effective ways to promote a small market product to a major network, I can across a selection under’s three ways to promote a small business.

In conclusion, the selection stated that “Once you’ve established sales strength with independent retailers and are ready to support new markets, it’s time to sell to the big guns. Of course, exactly who those big guns are will depend on your product. For some, it’s powerhouse general mass retailers, like Wal-Mart and Target, while other products will fit more specialized but equally powerful retailers, like Williams-Sonoma, The Sharper Image and Sephora.

Note that when dealing with these major accounts, the sale is just the beginning of the deal. Handling fulfillment, returns, rollbacks, slotting fees, advertising and more will require strengthening your business’s infrastructure and resources.” After reading this selection, which would be a great way for Awesome to compete with some of the biggest markets around the world. Their product is so amazing and with the proper marketing, there’s unlimited opportunities for the company.

How To Market A New Product. (2007, May 28). Retrieved March 22, 2015, from

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