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Product, Pricing, and Channels Paper Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

In the highly anticipated launch of the Apple Watch, many wonder what the packaging will look like and how will it add value to the product. First, Lets say Apple has a good track record of packaging all its’ products creating value and excitement. The Apple Watch is no exception to the rule. Apple has determined that the Apple Watch will come in three different packaging styles, all depending on which watch the consumer purchases. Packaging style number one consist of a box lined with leather and suede, this is the expensive 18k gold models. The less expensive models come in packaging much smaller without the bling. The third and final model of the Apple Watch is packaged pretty much like Apple’s current IPhone 5 models and above. A basic white box not much larger than long-stem matches. Apple’s eloquent approach to adding gold and suede to its’ packaging of the Watch arguably adds value to the product when it comes to resale. As most consumers want the original containers of pro

ducts to confirm authenticity. Many consumers disagree that this

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gold and suede packaging is of little to no value to the product. I agree 100% with them, as the gold is not real and has no value if sold. However, like other products on the market – Apple’s marketing team will maximize all efforts to capture consumers from all age groups and various walks of life. We all know Apple will apply every trick in the book to attract Apple enthusiasts and nay-sayers. The big issue outside of packaging is cost. Easy forecast has the Apple Watch costing anywhere from $300-$500 depending on model selected. Keep in mind, this does not include various accessories available for the watch. We all know, you’ll need accessories to keep the watch operating while on the go.

Cost will also be determined by the services selected for the watch. Such as increases for more data, different bands, poe adapter, screen protectors and so-forth. Again, the price strategy for this product and/or services can be minimal to expensive depending on models and add-ons. Apples’ channel of distributing the watch will remain consistent with current product distribution to sell its’ latest technological gadget. Sales distribution come from Apple stores, websites, amazon, and third party wholesalers. These channel partners will add value to the watch by selling the product at the right time and place to consumers by utilizing utility corporations, marketing, and distributing strategies. This success hinges on the support and backing of top management at each level.


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