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This project was conducted because the researchers found out that the global warming is one of the chief reasons on why the world is suffering from food shortage. As the population increases, the food production decreases and global warming contributes in to the increasing production of food. That is why the researchers came up with the project of making biodegradable plastic. The project can reduce our problems in global warming because it needs no burning to decay. If the global warming will be reduced the food shortage will be reduced. It is focus more on lessening the world’s problems by using this product, the BIODEGRADABLE PLASTIC. The first step done by the researchers is the peeling of one half kilo of squash. It was then chopped. Next, the squash was boiled by the researchers using a casserole with 1.25 liters of water. After about 20 minutes of boiling, the squash was soaked and place in a bowl. It was then grinded using a spoon. The starch on it was extracted a Muslim cloth.

The juice/extract was separated from the starch and was placed on the remaining two bowls. One fourth kilo of starch was produced. After that, the starch was set on a fiber glass. It was flattened and the top layer was covered with plastic cover. It was then dried under the sun. After about 7 hours of sun drying, the starch was removed from the fiber glass. Same treatment was also done for the screen. The experiment was done repeatedly so as to test if it will obtain same results. For the conclusion, the researchers believe that among the six set-ups done, the 2nd set up of the 2nd trial obtain the best results. Both sides were smooth and it has a better bending property. The researchers came imperfections on their product. And so as to avoid encountering imperfections, the researchers recommended the next batch who would like to continue the project to use different molders so as to achieve the desired shape and structure of the plastic.

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