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Profesional and Development Plan Essay Sample

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Profesional and Development Plan Essay Sample

I explain in this paper the different personalities of each employee. Which will abound what strengths and weaknesses of each. Strategies and recommendations will be created to turn weaknesses into strengths of each employee for the benefit of our company. To evaluate each use behavioral style Platinum Disc test. This test helps identify which behavioral style of each employee. Your assessment does not only help them be the best of each but also help them behave more mature and productive by learning how to focus on your goals instead of your fears. This tool will also help you develop and use more often their strengths, recognizing, enhancing and modifying all the limitations of each.

This report will focus on trends, which influence their behavior. We have four styles of behavior according to Disc Platinum. The first is the Dominant Style. This style always has the need for control and the need to achieve it. Parent styles seek what most suits them and are not afraid to break the rules. This style definitely willing to challenge the thinking and outdated ideas. Strengths are people with lots of energy, are excellent leaders and management. I love challenges, be the authority and head when finding a solution to a problem. Weaknesses are people impatient, insensitive, take things too seriously and do not like to hear.

The dominant style has four sub-styles which are: The principal is less concerned with what others think, for what you are willing to speak up and take more risks. The adventurer represents the domain and independence. The Producer represents the fulfillment of great goals according to their internal calendar. The pioneer conditions represents direct and redirect tasks are achieved. Under the dominant style and the sub-style Producer Joaris Torres and Liz Acevedo. How to improve the weaknesses of the dominant style: We would recommend that you begin to delegate work to other people in this way would not always be in command of every situation. Must modify their tendency to give orders to other employees. Use much collaboration and support of others. For a dominant style employed has good relations with the other employee must give credit when things are done well. In order to have the authority to make decisions but as long as should delegate responsibilities to others.

Interactive style is kind, enthusiastic and likes to be in the place of action. They are endowed with social and communication skills with people. These qualities help to influence people and build new partnerships to thus achieve the objectives and ideas. The interactive style strengths are being persuasive and optimistic people in addition to her enthusiasm, charm, persuasiveness, and warmth. They are equipped with social skills and communication skills with individuals and groups. They are great influencers. Weaknesses are disorganized, careless and exaggerated. Interactive style has four sub-styles, which are: The Socializer represents social approval of others. The Helper is Friendship. The gain represents the Impressionist style and The Enthusiast represents the influence people.

Under Interactive style and Sub-style enthusiast we have Jayne Martinez and Samuel Rosado and under the sub-Impressionist style have to Edric Martinez. How to improve the weaknesses Interactive style: it would give workshops to learn how to track an employee or customer. It should be on the lookout to remain being a sociable and not isolated. It would give a list of daily tasks for which thus remain fully organized. This list should be in order as well how important it is to help him to prioritize the required activities. Monitoring must be maintained so they do not have the time to be distracted from their tasks. To be most effective, must work with self-assessment in this way you will realize the good things but also makes the mistakes committed. The Steadiness styles are excellent listeners, devoted friends and loyal employees. These styles are excellent when it comes to teamwork. Always strive to maintain composure staff, stability and balance.

In the workplace maintain stability, are very polite, friendly and very willing in sharing responsibilities. His strengths are good planners and workers very persistent. The weaknesses are slow people in decision-making due to their insecurity, do not like risk and tendency to always include others at the time of decision-making for their lack of security. The Style Steadiness has four sub-styles, which are: The Relater represents personal stability. The Specialist represents specialization. The Go-Getter is his constant desire to get more and more achievements. The Harmonizer represents acceptance and approval you get from helping others.

The Cautious Style are people cautious, systematic analytical and enjoy problem solving. Almost always in control of your emotions. In the workplace cautious people work at a much slower pace that allows them to re-check your work. They tend to see the serious side of the situation. The Cautious style Fortaleza are having a good eye for detail, have good precision, reliable, independent, persistent and highly organized. Cautious style has four sub-style, which are: The Thinker represents the desire to be a proper person; Your lifestyle reflects his preference for privacy. The mastermind is the increasing opportunities and personal achievements to be materially and unique.

Advisor represents the achievement of goals with excellence. The Perfecter represents the expected results. These tools helps you get to know your employees. Learn how to work with them in the work area. You can help further strengthen all its strengths, but in turn to find the different tools that you as a manager can help employees develop and strengthen their weaknesses. The importance of knowing the weaknesses of employees and help them develop so they become strengths is that the end result will be a star employee who will work in the best way and this in turn will be beneficial for company.


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Insert the paraphrased material (“Disc Assessment Information”, 2013). The “Disc Assessment Information” (2013) website Insert the paraphrased material. According to “Disc Assessment Information” (2013), “Insert the quotation”.

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