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Profession Essays


Swing sets and slides

In the slides provided, I was given the opportunity to view seven sets of slides. After reviewing them I was told to pick one that best represents my desired career field. I choose the business professional slides based on the

Profession of Arms

The definition of Profession according to the Oxford Dictionary. A paid occupation, especially one that involves prolong training and a formal qualification. In correlation to Profession of Arms this at least three qualities. Also at least three other definition come

What is a nursing theory and why is it important?

Importance of Nursing Theory The nursing profession requires continued research to improve patient outcomes. When a gap in nursing care is perceived, often a theory is presented to improve patient care and outcomes. Nursing theory is an idea or intuition

How I View the Nursing Profession?

In my view, nursing profession is one of the wide and vast professions.  It is not limited to only one field and there are different fields that one can specialize in.  Depending on your choice, you can either work in

Lower Secondary

I believe that in this day and age when competition is rife among young people to get ahead in life, it is important to get an early start. One should know what one wishes to do with one’s life. To

My Ideal Teacher

Teaching is a noble profession. The teacher is a respected person. In ancient India the teacher had a place of respect next to one’s mother and father. In those days, men of wisdom with unlimited knowledge were teachers. Students used

Issues On Teacher Proffesionalism

INTRODUCTION In historical context, the issue whether teaching is a professional status or not, has been controversial. According to Leiter (1978) teaching is a semi-professional job because teachers are directed to perform certain standards by their superiors. As a result

Developing Professional Practice

Introduction and terms of reference This report will demonstrate my understanding of what is required to be an effective and efficient HR professional and apply CPD techniques to construct, implement and review a personal development plan. The report will discuss

Management and Hr Function

1.1 HR Profession Map (HRPM) The HR map is a means in which, a HR professional can asses oneself in order to further their professional development. The map uses 10 professional areas and 8 behaviours a HR professional is expected

Is teaching a profession?

Beginning the essay it may be mentioned that a profession is always considered as an occupation that needs wide-ranging training and the study and mastery and excellence of specialized knowledge, and usually has a professional association, ethical code and process

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