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When taking into consideration the career path of a Human Resources Professional there are many things/goals that must be met. Incorporating a professional development plan can help to target your goal and steer your career in the right direction. This professional development plan will help to apply current and learned experiences to my professional career. By developing a professional plan, I will be able to apply what was learned in my experiences and educationally to my ongoing professional career. In the development plan, I will discuss how goals and hard work will lead others to understanding the need and importance of education that will lead to success.

An individual’s professional development plan can only be derived by their own opinions and thoughts and areas of improvement. My plan started about four years ago when I decided to go back to school to receive my degree in Health Care Administration. The plan was to use my Human Resource experience along with my degree in Health Care and begin a career path in a medical facility. Well I received my Associates in Health Care Administration and after thinking long and hard, I decided to continue my schooling not in Health Care but in Human Resources. I have continued to work in the Human Resources field as a Human Resource Specialist/Recruiter where I use my day-to-day experiences to map out my long term goals. In the next five years, my plan is to become a Human Resource Manager where I can utilize all my experiences and education to help someone else become a great Human Resource Professional. I will also have continued with my education and received my Masters in Human Resource Management with a concentration in Labor Relations.

While using my talents and experiences to work in Human Resources, I will also become a trained motivator where I teach individuals how to move forward with the goals that they have chosen without any hesitation or regrets. Within the next ten years, my plan is to have accomplished my five year goals and have begun to focus on becoming a Director while also placing more focus on teaching and motivating. I have already started teaching and motivating individuals during the initial hiring process at work but I want to venture out and eventually start my own business doing motivational classes. There may be many additional goals that will come along during this goal process and if so I will tackle those as well. As with any goal there are also obstacles. Obstacles will come into place that will try to prevent you from reaching your goals. As long as you remain focused and driven all distractions will help you to gain momentum. While it is easy to say that remaining focused will be easy, everyday life sometimes get in the way and procrastinating becomes a factor.

Things such as school, work and home life will need to be examined closely and balanced so that goals remain in line with the development plan. As with any obstacle, direction and discipline will need to be streamlined to allow no interference in the five and ten year goal expedition. A principle that needs to remain a part of everyone’s everyday life is growth and reflection. Growth is needed to improve on skills already obtained and reflection is needed in order to see the mistakes made along the way and changes needed to thrive. I look back and reflect on the fact that if I could turn back the hands of time, I would have finished school as a young adult with no real responsibility. I have realized that structure and prospective are things that are needed to achieve goals and become a better “You”.

Becoming involved in professional development programs available to Human Resource Professionals such as becoming a certified (SPHR – Specialized Professional Human Resource) professional will increase my chances to further my career. Making necessary adjustments in life can create many possibilities of advancement. It’s knowing when and where to gain those experiences and move on them. I will evaluate my progress by simply observing my goals daily while also taking steps to achieve them and by gaining more experience and knowledge in areas that are needed. My main motivation is seeing the end of the road without any twists and turns and my children. These two motivations keep me focused and excited about what the future holds for me. By the end of my career (retirement), I want to look back and say that I achieved everything that I set out to become. I do not want to feel as if I failed myself or my children or that everyday life got in the way of my dreams.

It takes a lot to be a person that is looked to for information concerning well-being and advice and that must also always wear patience and tolerance on their sleeves at all times. This is what a Human Resource Professional has to do in order to remain civil and fair in all aspects of business. Without the characteristics or humbleness of professionalism and morale, a Human Resource Professional will not be able to be the best that they are able to be. It will become very difficult to achieve success or respect in this field. Having a professional development plan ensures that the possibilities are endless and the future holds greatness.

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