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The project management plan is a document that companies project manager will build to help them describe in more detail the planning of all their projects and the company itself. It can be a formal document that is used by managers to manage the project execution. The project management plan documents all the actions that will define, integrate, prepare, and coordinate the planning activities. It also will define how the company projects are executed, controlled, monitored, and closed out. This plan is also used as a communication that will help in ensuring main stakeholders what is going on in the project.

I will be developing a project management plan for the project scenario “Smartphones for upper management”. This scenario states, that the company currently provides their executives with smartphones that have the capably to access the internet. Now they want to offer this to all their employees who have a cell phone and laptops. This new smartphones will be offered to ten senior executives, 100 employees that have cell phones along with laptops, and the 15 employees that will be experiencing training that will need internet access. The company hopes that once it is approved it will save the company money in the long-run. (University of Phoenix Material) Work Breakdown Structure for the project

The work breakdown structure is breakdown of the hardware, services, and data that is required to help produce the finish product or service. It will show how the work will be performed and will reflect in project costs and data will be reported. (Kerzner, 2013) The purpose of the work breakdown structure for this scenario will provide all the executives with internet access smartphones. The company has decided to expand the program to all their employees that have cell phones or laptops in the hope to save them money.

The human resource plan is the process that will describe how the project manager will manage, improve the members of the project team, staff, and build the team. This will be done early within the project and will be performed with the aspects of the planning such cost, scope and time. In the case scenario of smartphones for upper management the human resource plan has three inputs and one output to its development. The three inputs are activity resource requirements, organizational process assets, and enterprise environmental factors. The activity resource requirement will provide information on resources that will be used to complete the work of all the tasks in the project. The organizational process assets will include aspects of previous similar resource project plans.

According to Litten, “organizational policies procedures and guidelines with regard to human resources, or special corporate or competences for the provision of key knowledge skills and experience for the project” (Litten, 2014). The enterprise environmental factors that are used will provide valuable information. This will include the structure of the organization and the infrastructure of the company’s work ethics and values. The finished human resource plan structure will consist of roles and responsibilities, staffing management, and the organization charts. Role and responsibilities will be defined so everyone will know their role and responsibilities in the project. The organization charts will be used to the reporting and authority lines that fall in the project and the resource histogram will show the resources for a period of time and is used to see what the availability of each member and when will they be needed. Human Resource Plan

Activity resource requirements.Develop human resource plan Enterprise environmental factors Organization charts
Organizational process assets. Resource histogram
According to PMBOK Guide “The project communication management that we will be using will include the process that are required to ensure timely and appropriate planning collection, creation, distribution, storage, management, control, monitoring, and disposition of project information” (PMBOK® Guide). To have an effective communication the company needs to create a bridge between the diverse stakeholders which may have an influence on the project outcome. There are three steps to the project communication management. Which are:

1. The plan communication management which will be the process of us developing the right approach and plan that will be associated with the stakeholder’s needs, requirements, and information. 2. Manage Communication is the process were we will be creating, distributing, collecting, and storing, the project information according to the communication management plan. 3. Control communication is the process were we will be monitoring and controlling the communication within the life cycle of the project. This will help us to make sure that the needs of the project stakeholders involved will be met. In the scenario of smartphones for upper management the input to the communication management plan will be as follow. 1. Project management plan that will provide information on how we will execute the project, monitor it, control and close it. 2. Stakeholder register will be used to give us the information that is needed to plan our communicant with the stakeholders’ needs and wants from the project.

3. Enterprise environmental factors because the communication has to be linked to the project environment. 4. The organizational process assets because they are important to the project communication because they will provide some form of insight on the decisions that will be taken regarding to the communication issues along with the results from previous projects that were similar. This are going to be useful because they can be used as a guide as to how to plan the communication for this project. The tools and techniques that are going to be used for the project of smartphones for upper management are: 1. Communication requirements analysis which is the information that project stakeholders need. The sources that we will use for this is the project organization and the stakeholders responsibility relationship. The department that are involved in the project, internal information needs, and the stakeholder communication and information requirements that are in the stakeholders register. 2. Communication technology are the methods in which we will transfer the information to the project stakeholders. We will have conversations, meeting, schedules, and documents to show what the materials needed.

3. Communication model that we will consider are were the sender is responsible for sending the message and ensure that the communication is clear and complete, and understood by the receiver. The receiver will be responsible for ensuring that they receive the information and that understood the message correctly and they will respond to it. 4. The communication method that will be best for this project is interactive communication. That is because there are many stakeholders involved in the project and this is the most efficient way to ensure that the communication will be understood by everyone involved. 5. Meetings is another technique we will use so the stakeholders can come together to resolve any problems that may arise and to make decisions on the project. The communication management plan output from the above information will be how the project communicated.

It will include how it was planned, monitored, controlled, and structured. It will include the stakeholders communication requirements, who is responsible for communication the information, who are the receivers, and why the information is needed to be distribute. Now that we have developed out communication management plan the next step for the project is to manage the communication. This will be the process of us collecting, creating, distributing, retrieving, storing, and disposition of the project information that is in reference to communication management plan. Doing this will give the project the benefit of enabling us to have an efficient and effective communication that will flow among the project stakeholders. The next step that we must do is analyze who is the audience. Knowing who the audience is will help us do a better job of communicating with them. The audience that will be involved in this project are all the employees who will be getting smartphones and the company itself.

Now that we know that the audience are an internal audience we much identify the internal communication needs. Such as creating an understanding of other projects and how they fit to the company’s objectives, identify any common issues and how they were handled, avoid doing the same work twice, make sure that you keep management informed of the progress of the project, and identify any areas of the internal collaboration. The tools that will be most effective for the audience of this project will be an internal email system to keep them inform and an intranet system so the members of the project can upload information of the project, and having weekly staff meeting to review the project progress and to discuss any issue that may have happen. It will be in the project best interest to make sure that they are aware of the importance of using these internal communication tool to help in the work of completing the project.

It is very important to know what the most effective methods of communication are. In this project to help make this decision we must very know who the target audience is, will it help the employees to be more productive, and what information needs to be sent to the audience. The communication can be distributed in two different ways in this project oral communication and written communication. The oval communication will be members of the project giving information to other members of the project or by having meetings. When using oval communication the person giving the information has to make sure the person receiving the information understands him or her completely and the person receiving the information has to make sure that they make it clear to the sender that he or she understand what is being said. The written communication will be where we will provide the information that is needed for the project. The purpose of this is to give the stakeholders involved in the project documents that they can use now and later as reference.

These methods of communication that have been exampled in the paper are the most effective for the project because it will keep everyone involved in the project and help them to get the information that is needed for them to complete their task. It is important for the people involved in the project of smartphones for upper management to remember that communication is a key factor in an organization. It is very important that use choose the right method because it can effective the organization structure and how they work with others. That is why it is very important to take your time in choosing the right methods for every project that the organization is involved in. In the process of any changes that are made to the company will lead to changes made to the lifecycle of the company.

These changes will be monitored closely to that the project is completed on a timely matter. The lifecycles will help in the determining the necessary tools and techniques that are helpful for the project to be a success. The project of upgrading the smartphone service will require the company for funding and a development of a team to run the project. The tools and resources that will be required are materials and the system upgrades. The people that are in the team will have the techniques and skills that are needed to complete the project. One of the main skills that these members must have is communication among the workers. One of the techniques that will help in the completion of the project is having good leadership from the leader of the project so he can support the others in accomplishing the project.

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