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Project Management Variables Essay Sample

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Project Management Variables Essay Sample

There is a positive relationship between CRM and project management variables. This means that there is a direct relationship between CRM and the project variables. These variables are very important to any business especially when it comes to implementation of a new hardware as a CRM solution. The variables include scope, cost, time, quality and risk (Harold Kerzner 2009). The scope of a project deals with the functionality and features of the hardware to be installed. The IT Department wishes to implement a new CRM system into its corporate offices since the current hardware is out of date and therefore the new hardware to be implemented should be of high functionality so that it can be able to support the system.

CRM implementation aims at reducing cost of production and marketing and therefore the cost the new hardware should be manageable. The time interval between the removal of the existing hardware and the installation of the new one should be very short so as to ensure smooth running of the CRM system. If the required hardware functionality is low, then the IT Department will take less time since minimal time will be required for the exercise unlike in high functionality hardware which requires a lot of time to ensure that everything is fully operational (Harold Kerzner 2009). The success of the CRM system will depend on the quality of hardware installed. Therefore the hardware to be installed should be of high quality so that it can fully support the CRM system. Risks detected prior to or during the hardware installation can have a severe effects on CRM system if they are not addressed or mitigated. To ensure the success of this project all the variables of project management should be controlled

There are several considerations that need to be which should be applied by project managers when selecting the projects which will produce the best business value. The managers should determine whether they have a quality technical team which can handle the project to completion (Harold Kerzner 2009). When the technical team is highly qualified then there is an assurance that the project will deliver good results. The cost of the project should also be put into consideration.

The cost of implementation of the project should not be higher than the expected results (Harold Kerzner 2009). That is despite the cost of implementation, the project should yield good results. The managers should also track a performance record of a similar project as by doing this they will be able to predict the final results of their project. When choosing a project, technology should also be put in place. To be able to yield good results, project mangers should select those projects which are up to date with the current technology since high levels of technology results to high production levels.

Some factors which influence project risks include poor planning, lack of proper quality control and poor communication between the parties involved in the project. When planning is poor then it means that objectives are not clearly defined which posses a risk to the project (Harold Kerzner 2009). The best strategy to reduce this risk is for the project mangers to conduct a business analysis before they begin designing their project.  Failure to complete the project in time results from lack of proper quality control. To reduce these risk project managers should employ phased development through which the project will be divided into smaller segments which are easy to monitor. Poor communication results to lack of information about the methodology used and therefore guide books and training sections should be employed to reduce this risk.


Harold Kerzner. (2009). Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning,          Scheduling, and Controlling. John Wiley and Sons.

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