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Project deliverables should be completed in groups of two (2) people. The main objective of this project is the development of a computer system for a Minecraft Game System. The project is composed of multiple sections or deliverables. The project work should be carried out in as homework and in specified labs. You may use any diagramming tool (Rational Rose, Visio, Gliffy, Smartdraw etc.) to carry out the project but the final work must be presented on paper. IBM Rational Rose must be used to complete at least three deliverables. The full Project needs to be completed and returned to Pádraig de Burca on paper by Thursday 9 April 2015 / Saturday 11 April 2015 as appropriate.

The problem is to design a cloud based game for children age 5+. The trigger for the problem is based on Minecraft.

From a technology viewpoint the system should be portable with PCs, mobile devices and deployed from / on the Cloud.

OOSE Minecraft Project

Groups / Teams:
Find a partner and inform me by 3 March.
Anybody without a partner at that date will be assigned one by 10 March. Groups will not be changed after these dates.
Students must work as part of the team and will not be given marks for individual project submissions.
Students must work as part of the team and will not be given the team’s project mark if they have not contributed significantly.
Team disruptions should be managed within the team, if agreement cannot be reached please contact the lecturer as soon as possible

OOSE Minecraft Project

For the above Problem description:

Identify the actors.
(5 Marks)


Construct a Use Case Model.
(5 Marks)


Describe in detail any use case from the use case model. The use case must contain appropriate alternate flows.
(10 Marks)


Create a conceptual class diagram of the chosen use case. The conceptual
class diagram should demonstrate the use of attributes, relationships, navigability, multiplicity and composition.
(10 Marks)


Create a glossary that lists and defines all the terms that require clarification. (5 marks)


Draw a System Sequence diagram from the conceptual model.
(10 Marks)


Develop a Contract for any system operation in the system sequence diagram. (5 marks)


Draw a Collaboration diagram based on the above contract. The collaboration diagram should demonstrate the use of design patterns.
(15 marks)


Draw a Component diagram for the system.
(10 marks)


Draw a Deployment diagram for the system.
(10 marks)


Presentation (how well does the package of models look?).
(6 marks)


Use of Rational Rose.
(9 marks)

OOSE Minecraft Project

UC Modelling Principles

Relevant Actors are Identified
Relevant UC’s are identified
UC’s provide value to the actor
UC descriptions are based on a template
The UC is described in great detail
The activation is correctly written
Mainflow is a sequence of logical transactions
The mainflow is enumerated
Alternate flows are described and labelled correctly

Class Diagram Concepts

The conceptual class diagram should demonstrate the use of
 names from the problem domain as documented in the use case,
 attributes and methods,
 relationships,
 roles,
 constraints,
 association class,
 multiplicity
 composition

Principles for Interaction Diagrams and Patterns

Demonstrate interaction diagrams collaboration diagrams, sequence diagrams, statechart diagrams
Collaboration diagrams demonstrate the use of
o Link
o Messages
o Return type
o Message to itself
o Iteration
o Creation of instances
o Number sequencing
o Conditional messages
o Collections
o Message to a class object
o Patterns (Controller , Creator, Expert)

Principles for Design Class Diagram, Package Diagram, Component Diagram, Deployment Diagram
Design class diagram should demonstrate the use of
 classes, associations and attributes.
 methods
 navigability
 dependencies

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