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In our society nowadays we encountered new and newer technologies every year and we have the advance technologies nowadays which people can easily managed and organize for their living. In the business, it is more and more easier to managed too because of the information technologies peoples which created things to make it fast to build an enhance capabilities for constructing things, as it relate to point of sale the technology implemented to the real aspect nowadays is that they use Point of Sales through tablets and mobile devices which connected through internet to monitor the sales, security, staff, clients and also surveillance cameras. Here in Philippines they use the common technologies of Point of sales of what we are using like in the grocery stores, supermarkets and many more. This Point of sales used are makes more flexible and more adorable to clients for transaction.

Point of sale system is a system use to all the business nowadays because it’s smooth and you don’t have to worry. Point of Sale system use to transact of items from your selling needs in order to compute the items and deliver items reliably and to give the service to customers the best to encountered to the business.

The Point of Sale system that uses to develop is Techno Core Trading is an establishment which owned by Mr. Rodnald Sunganid and it is located at Door1- JMarketing Bldg Illustre St. Davao City. The Techno Core Trading is managed by 6 staffs; 1 is the cashier and 2 is the sales clerks 3 technician, they are typically trained to make the services to clients easier to transact. Its reliability to the costumers to have the right services of goods in their buying needs. Their mainly products selling is for Musical instruments and other musical parts of instruments for the customers ‘needs. The musical instruments they have are Drum sets, bass guitars, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, violins, keyboards and many more.

This Musical Store which is delivers product from them which they will sell for the clients. The Techno Core Trading has its own Storage room which they put their stocks delivered by the suppliers in which this room takes all the package product materials it’s their inventory to pile up and organized and monitored the musical instruments so it will properly place on the right path when it is needed to sell the product musical instruments to the clients.

The advantage of the Point of Sales system that can apply to my system is that you don’t worry about the manual writing of lists anything anymore and all the data and the files from the clients and items because it is all computerized, In Point of Sales systems it can easily enter promotional codes and more co

nvenient manner and also easier to price adjustment on items in the inventory of the company. In the

other hand, the disadvantages that I will encountered of the POS system is that you should maintained and checked the system regularly and it’s my job to work with it for the services of the clients that uses the Point of Sales system.

There are needs of Point of Sale system the specific problem that encountered of making this system that how the users maintain the system when it is on actual use. Did they have the right knowledge and skill to use the system? And when I will start this system can I gave them the right process of what they want me to do of their system? Would they possibly see what the output of what I am doing is the right of what I should be done to them? The problems should need to be solved in order to scope the possibilities of the decision I made to the system.

As I studied the data and information of each of the problems I encountered to do this system is that I will make each problems separated and put into pieces like puzzles so that I can specify which is the hardest and the most significant problem that I will start to solve in order for me to locate what I will focus on the problem and I can easily understand and encountered each problems given. To make this system properly and pass it at the right time of finishing this system I will make a time scheduling of the task I will solve each problems to be solve at the right time to make planning of the current system that they have to system that I will fix all they want to add to make their system. I will gather the things that I need for the budget of the costs of the system, and the resources I needed for the make the system orderly.

Project Objectives

General Objective:

To build this Point of Sales System that is user friendly, reliable fast and secure to the user to have the right access and easy process that can also help more for the business to their clients for them to appreciate that the business is fast to transact and the ability to give what the clients is really needed. Specific Objectives:

* To update Easy updating of products prizes.
* To easily manage all of the items in the inventory.
* To have a security when it comes of product loss.
* For fast transaction to a customer or client.
* To develop a system has a security especially to the admin. * To minimize the time cost of recording and updating product in the inventory. * To develop a system that can print all the sales of a selected date. * To make a system that can print all the sales and income of the company.

Project Scope

To build this Point of Sales system I will think critically on doing the task of the plans I made and analyse it more to build the right decision to scope up to the system. Have the right time to manage things orderly to make the plan not to scattered and for the system to easy fix what the problems are and for me to build the system easier and right on time. Also to build this Point of sales system we will use the IDE of the Microsoft Visual Studio and the programing language that we will use is Visual Basic.


The result of this point of sale system is to build a process that will help and guide for the people transact use by technology and to use of our mind to communicate languages through technologies in connecting people and to show them that all things are made when it is studied. To the Staff, that they have insights to which would made them the right of processing the transaction to get the quality they desire and that they are happy of the system that I made for them and the kindness of delivering for to customers. To the Customers, in which they are the ones are most important in the business for them to benefits the needs and the items they want to the business and to them to informed that the business is well-built.

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