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According to studies, in the past two decades, there has been a massive increase in the number of extremist groups not only in the US but also globally. In the US, the number has risen to the extent that it has reached a critical level whereby many experts have started warning of a pending anti-government violence should nothing be done to curb this menace in advance. According to experts, if these groups are not contained in their early stages, there are high chances that this could escalate to a terrorism disaster. Apart from the sudden proliferation of extremist groups, the study also focuses of different types of these groups and why are a threat to the nation.

According to studies, extremist groups are on the rise due a number of factors. For instance, apart from the economic dislocation, which is the reason behind the many cases of joblessness, many of these groups are coming up since they are not comfortable having a black president. This is because most of these groups view the current president as an enemy of the nation. Apart from the Modern Neo-Nazi, other famous extremist groups in the US include the Neo-Facist movements in addition to Neo-Nazi skinheads as well as the Anti-Semitism and the White Supremacist Movements.

According to studies, if no crackdown is made, there are high chances that these groups will result to a string of terrorism activities that could be quite devastating to the nation. This is evident because the number of extremist groups increased rapidly from 2008, which is the year that Barrack Obama was declared president of the US. There are a number of factors that have played a role in the sudden skyrocketing of extremist groups. For instance, apart from media figures, such groups also surface through politicians who by using their platforms come up with false propaganda on issues affecting persons such as immigrants as well as other minorities.

Apart from the American extremist groups such as the Modern Neo-Nazi and White Supremacist Movements, the US also faces the task of protecting its citizens from other external extremists that are not US based. For instance, one of the most known external extremist group is the al-Qaeda. The al-Qaeda is an Islamic extremist group that has for decades been attacking the United States. For instance, al-Qaeda has gone down records as the group that committed the most deadly attack in the US when it bombed two major building, which later on resulted to a decline of the nation’s economic status.

According to studies, extremist groups globally have been on the rise for the past two decades. In the US, extremist groups are a threat to the nation’s economy. Studies show that although these groups have been present for a long time, there was a sudden rise in 2008, which was the year that Barack Obama became the president. It is evident that most of these groups surfaced since they were against a black president. According to security experts, these groups ought to be contained before they become extreme.


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