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1. Compare the characteristics associated with active support and the hotel model in relation to an individual’s support. The hotel model is where support staff does things for people and they become observers in their own lives. Active support is a way of ensuring that people are able to engage and participate in their own support. Promote individuals independence making environments easy to maintain and comfortable for people. Support informed choices putting in place communication boards showing information in a way that is understood by the individual Improve quality of life by making an individual’s choice of activities, food. Person centred so that they enjoy what they do in life therefore making them happier. Active support is the best choice because it gives independence to the individual.

2. To promote an individual’s independence, professionals should encourage and support them to take part in social, economic and cultural activities and join networks in the community. Independence means self determination, respect and equal opportunity. People living with one or more long term conditions have the right to decide what support they need and from whom. To promote independence, professionals should: enable individuals and their unpaid careers to take part in a range of activities and join networks in the community help individuals to use equipment to aid their independence. Among the changes were the helps you make more informed choices Decisions are made each day within an organization. Most occur without actually identifying what. What would the person like to wear? What time would they like to eat? What activity would they like to do?

I will need to develop a clear understanding about the individuals I work with spending time with them & get to know them, what their needs, their culture, their means of communication, their likes and dislikes, their family, friends, any other professionals’ involvement to enable me to promote and provide support/care which is person-centred.

3. Using positive reinforcement is an easy way to nix behaviour problems. You can use positive reinforces can help you encourage the individual to do everyday tasks you need them to perform. By brushing their teeth, getting themselves dressed, here just a few of the things that can be improved using positive reinforcement. Incentive you give the individual will increasing the behaviour, will give the individual to perform is a positive reinforce.

4. Your role as a care or support worker is to help individuals to make informed choices about things that happen every day and also in planning for the longer term. Each time you work with an individual you should be able to give them choices. Individuals’ choices will be different depending on the types of tasks you are doing together and their abilities. Good communication is essential so that you can give choices and individuals can make them. It doesn’t matter what environment you support an individual in, there should always be plenty of opportunity to provide choices. When would they like to get up? What would they like to wear? What would they like to eat and drink? What brands would they like to use, for example, shampoo, toothpaste, moisturiser? What activities would they like to take part in? You can support individuals to make choices by giving them encouragement and giving praise when they have made a choice. This will give them the confidence to continue to make choices about other aspects of their lives.

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