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Outcome 1

1. There are many regulations, laws and guidelines dealing with health and safety in a work setting. Here I have listed a few below that are used on a daily basis in my work place. The health and safety at work act 1974

Manual handling regulations 2002
Control of substances or hazardous to health regulations 2002 Reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences regulations 1995 Health and safety first aid regulations 1981
Management of health and safety at work regulations 1999

2. The main points of health and safety policies and procedures agreed by my employers are that they will ensure the work place is safe, ensure that there is safe access to and from the work place, provide information on health and safety and that staff have the correct training, also they must ensure that risk assessments are in place for all hazards.

4. there is a variety of particular tasks within the work place that should not be carried out without specific training. The administration of medication should not be done unless the individual administrating the medication has had the correct training .This is a very important task and without the correct training mistakes could be made and this could be very dangerous for the service user and would result in disciplinary action for the untrained staff. Another medical task that should not be carried out without training is First Aid, again this should only be given by a trained member of staff to ensure that the right medical attention is given. Manual Handling training must be attended before any manual handling tasks are done. If an individual needs a hoist to move around then training would also be needed for those who will need to operate the hoist. In the event of a fire or a fire drill only trained fire wardens should take charge of the situation.

Outcome 2

2. methods to support individuals to understand and take responsibility for promoting there own health and care is to encourage each individual to choose and buy there own shower gel, toothpaste etc then explain to them how to wash and teach them the importance of having good hygiene. It can also be explaining to individuals about healthy foods and exercise and allow them to choose activities and meals that promote healthy living. 3. In order to promote health and safety to others, including the modeling of good practice there are several simple checks and tasks that can be carried out. These are ensuring that you wash your hands after going to the toilet and before handling food, not leaving things in corridors and removing things from corridors if you come across them, shutting fire doors, ensuring that the environment is safe. If you saw something dangerous in the environment such as broken furniture then it is important to put in a maintenance request form or call the maintenance team depending on how dangerous the environment has become.

Outcome 3

1. There are lots of incidents and emergencies that can occur in my work place. Some of the incidents and emergencies that can happen can be slip, trip, fall, epileptic fits, floods, fires, bomb alerts, caretakers or maintenance team not locking doors, individuals gaining access to dangerous equipment due to things not being locked away, windows being left open too far allowing intruders to enter or an individual to fall out the window. 2. In the case of an incident or an emergency it may be necessary to ask for assistance. The correct action to take if there is a serious incident is to contact our RM and the medical centre or maintenance team depending on the situation. In some cases it may be wise to contact emergency services. In the case of an emergency it’s always best to remain calm and seek assistance. In the case of a medical emergency the medical centre must be informed and in some cases, especially more severe cases and ambulance will need to be called.

Outcome 4

1. It is important to minimize the risk of contamination and infection and this can be done by carrying out different infection control measures. This includes hand washing, using warm soapy water, the use of PPE (personal productive equipment), ensuring that crockery and cutlery are washed properly, use alcohol gel, ensuring that there are boxes of tissues around the residence and teaching the individuals about good hygiene.

Outcome 5

1. The main points of legislation for moving and handling are to risk assess moving and handling before carrying out the task, by looking at the load, the task, the environment and the individual carrying out the task. Then to avoid the task of moving and handling if the task is likely to be hazardous or cause injury. 2. The principles for safe moving and handling are as follows: Ensure that the load is light enough for the individual to carry without struggle and is unlikely to shift or move during moving. Anything that is heavy or awkward and unable to be lifted by the individual should be moved using a handling aid. Ensure that the route to where the load is being moved to is clear and free from obstructions. Ensure that there is somewhere clear to put the load when the destination is reached. Use the legs to lift the load in order to reduce the strain on your back. Carry the load close to the body with elbows tucked into the body. Avoid twisting the body whilst carrying and moving the load.

Outcome 6

1. Medication certificate

Outcome 7

1. In order to prevent a fire from starting it is important to ensure that fire regulations within the work place are adhered to. For example it is important to ensure that all electrical equipment is PAT tested and that it is safe to use. Make sure that electrical sockets are not overloaded and that electrical wires are not damaged or live wires exposed. Smoking must be done in designated areas and smokers dispose their cigarettes appropriately. The installation of fire alarms and smoke detectors are important to prevent fires. Ensure that the smoke detectors are working correctly. b.

In order to prevent fires from spreading it is important to ensure all fire doors are closed, to make sure that rubbish such as papers are disposed of and not piled up, combustibles are either stored correctly or disposed of if necessary.

Outcome 8

1. It is important to inform others of your whereabouts whilst in the work place so that security is maximized. For example if you have quickly popped outside to throw away rubbish etc and need the door to be left open or unlocked it is important that others are aware of this so that they can make sure that no one is entering or leaving the building. Also if you are leaving the work place it is important that colleagues know you have left so that they know if they are the last to leave then they need to close all windows and lock up behind them. If they do not know you have left they may leave windows open thinking that someone is still in the building. It is also important in the case of a fire, if there was a situation where the building needs to be evacuated then it is important that there is an awareness of who is in the building so that time is not wasted looking for people who are not in the building. the use of a signing in and out book is useful in these cases.

Outcome 9

1. Common signs of stress are nauseous, tired, irritable, loss of sense of humor, feeling like you don’t want to see anyone. 2. signs that indicate my own stress are when I feel tired, pain in my back, tension in my shoulders, loss of appetite and emotional and overall have a negative attitude. 3. Things that tend to trigger my own stress are a busy work load, lack of sleep and stress of trying to stick to deadlines. 4. there are lots of different things you can do to manage stress such as breathing techniques, identifying the source and signs of stress early on, looking at ways of dealing with stress and removing the problem, setting times for relaxing, making time to do ice activities, talking to others and practicing good time management skills. In the moment of feeling stressed breathing techniques can be very helpful and calming on the body. by practicing good time and task management skills you can find that this could relieve stress.

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