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We would like to make it known that you are all invited to visit our office in New Delhi and attend to our meeting and virtual tour with our facilities in Australian territory, on March 22, 2015. We intend to introduce you to our courses and diplomas, along with our credentials, facilities and staff. Our institution is a provider of business and marketing education, studies and training for international students, with a proven track record for quality. To be part of this event, we are going to have our International Promotions Assistant and a local consultant for educational issues hosting a teleconference with our Marketing Manager.

Our focus is to introduce our courses, specially, the Diploma of Marketing, to Indian students that are interested to study overseas, through partnerships or alliances with local educational institutions. The meeting is going to take place at the auditory of our office in New Delhi, located on 46, India Street. Please accept our invitation as your presence will really matter and see for yourself all our products and find out how perfect they are for your needs. Best regards,

Marcel Teixeira – Marketing Manager
Queensford College
Phone: +61 0411 156 479

The presentation is going to be held in the auditory of our office in India. Costs: $0

Suitable refreshments
Coffee, tea, natural fruit juices (orange, pineapple and strawberry), cold
water and snacks. Costs: $300

Thank-you gifts
All the guests are going to receive a kit with a pen, a notebook and a book containing all the information about our courses, facilities, prices and proven track record for quality. Costs: $500


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