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Before a team meeting, I evaluate everyone’s needs for professional development via the training matrix and their self-appraisal forms which are distributed prior. I also discuss with my line manager (owner) other objectives which may need addressing. Each team is equally divided into mixed groups informed by my knowledge and understanding of their skills, capabilities and capacity. A team is allocated a Team Leader, and this individual will report back to the management team prior to staff appraisals and 1-1 supervisions. A plan of objectives and tasks are planned daily and discussed with the team each morning. Any concerns which the team may have regarding the above can be discussed and re-allocated using a creative method, taking into account others with various abilities and other responsibilities. A high standard of work which is identified in a contract of employment and job description is set as a requirement. Our external inspectors and auditing personnel assess this during inspections.

The standard and requirement is reiterated at every point through the team’s or individual’s professional development. Every leader of each team is supported by myself and my deputy to help them achieve set team objectives and goals. Support is also available from electronical sources; such as the internet or external training providers. Legal aspects of each individual’s work and performance can be soughed from policies and procedures and ACAS. Assessments and self-assessments are carried out by every member of staff to ensure agreed standards and objectives are met; this is done in both group and 1-1 appraisals and is recorded in writing so the team can reflect on this accordingly. Identifying conflict in a team can prove difficult, however team leaders are trained in this area and they are supported by the management team. When a conflict is identified this then investigated internally by mean of statements from all concerned/involved. *see page 2 of this assignment for examples of conflict*

Some causes for teams not meeting objectives can be lack of communication, support and appraisal To improve team performance I occasionally do fun activities during a staff training day when I’m the one conducting the training day which does not only help them boost their confidence but it also helps them realise that you don’t have to find work boring and this will help performance of an individual as well as the whole team, to give thanks for jobs individually or to the team makes a member of staff feel valued and boosts their performance.

At all points of my work when assessing and auditing others and systems within my field of work I do give constructive criticism, and maybe a debate. I always offer ways of improving their work to enable our service users to get the most from the team, I never leave open for conflict but I do discuss each point of their work which needs improvement. I set each team a goal to achieve for the week as part of their job description, this helps boost performance, I also relay work which I have completed and learned from you help them gather more knowledge and understanding of the job at hand, which at the moment is proving very successful. Other ways to improve performance is to ask visitors to complete questionnaires to help us improve performance as an organisation.

Examples of conflict as described above;

A member of staff was reported to myself by 2 other staff member (whistle-blowers); when I received the initial statement, I read it through and spoke individually to the 2 whistle-blowers who written an in depth statement of events which was reported to them by one of our service users.

After these meetings had taken place, I spoke with the Service User (Resident) involved, I written a statement word for word assisted by my Deputy.

The next stage of the investigation was to consult a Legal person at ACAS to gather information about where I stood as an employer, I was advised to suspend the individual from duty until I’d gathered all my information and submitted the Regulation 37 of the incident to our regulators. I spoke with the member of staff (GM) in person in my office, I informed her what had been reported to me and that I would have to suspend her from duty with full pay until further notice so that I could investigate further, I did inform her that I would be raising a report to SOVA (safe-guarding of vulnerable adults) as the matter at hand did raise concerns, GM wanted to see the statements, but I did explain to GM that she was legally not entitled to see the statements until I’d advised her the date of any disciplinary meetings if any and to consult a Union, GM was fine with this. I stressed to her that she should not make any contact with the Care Home and/or its staff until the matter had been resolved. GM left the premises and I began to investigate further, consulting other Home Managers around Lancashire and the CQC/SOVA teams including Social Services.

I gathered all my evidence and I was advised by CQC/SOVA that I should discipline GM on a written warning and place her under supervision of Senior Staff and not for her to work un supervised at any point. I invited GM by telephone and letter to a disciplinary and told her she could consult legal advice or speak with her union if required, she refused and said if my job will be safe I will come in alone and take the disciplinary, to this I replied I urge you to speak with someone, I gave 1 week before I would see her in this time I sent her the 3 statements in total with a letter explaining the date and time of the hearing and whom would be present.

GM turned up for the meeting, everything was discussed, GM gave her said to the statements which she did not deny any of the allegations but gave reasons of why such things happened, I was happy with this and informed her I would be serving her a written warning which will be on file whilst employed here, GM was fine with this, signed all relevant paperwork. I gave GM a breather whilst I sorted her next rota out so she knew when she would be working, I explained all this to GM and I also explained she will be working supervised until I review her performance in 1 month. GM was satisfied with all discussed and was looking forward to returning to work.

She even supplied a letter of apology to staff members, myself and the resident which was involved; this was a very nice gesture from GM and I ensured this was logged in her file.

To close the investigation I gave the CQC/SOVA and social services the conclusion and said the employee would be working under supervision, they was happy with how I had dealt with this and remove the SOVA/ISA from my registration.

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