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I feel it is important for me to continually improve my knowledge to ensure that I am aware of and follow all the current health and social care standards, legislation, and guidelines for good practice as well ensuring I follow my company’s policies and procedures. I feel it is vital that I pass any new knowledge to my team because this provides them with up to date information in order for them to carry out their roles as support workers to a high standard and effectively. For example my organisation has just changed the care plans, supervision and appraisal format which I have had regular training to upskill my knowledge to pass on to my staff. Potential barriers can be a fear of a classroom situation, lack of confidence in learning, lack of time because of high workload, motivation, also lack of funding especially in Wales I have personally experienced this when applying to undertake courses for distance learning. A barrier can also be a high turnover of staffing or lack of staffing due to long term sickness. Also some staff fear developing professionally due to personal reasons.

They may feel inferior due to age, gender, sexuality, beliefs or even maybe dyslexia. A fear of not being included within the workplace can lead to allegations of non-equality, avoidance of diversity, and this can then lead to staff not being happy in their role. The potential barriers are very complex and all aspects need considering in order to reduce or remove barriers to have effective working and development. There are many different sources you can have for professional development you can discuss these in supervisions and appraisals, in our organisation they provide mandatory training, you can also suggest training you feel would benefit staff to enable them to upgrade our practice. We have regular seminars to update our practice. Distance learning outside of the organisation is another way of expanding my knowledge also by the media for example TV, newspapers and the internet these are just few examples that I can utilise within my role as manager.

When I am selecting activities and training to keep my knowledge of my role and responsibilities update I use the college data system internal and external to see what opportunities are available whilst I am doing this I have to consider time management, other factors would be cover for the residence when the training is taking place, due to all the changes in the last 12 months I have to use the opportunity to inform my staff of any changes and training which would upskill their knowledge and keep them up to date with the new formats that have been put into place. One of the changes that is occurring over the next six months is the students medication being transferred from the health centre to their residence all staff must have level 2 qualification in safe handling of medicine which I took the opportunity to attend, the factors I have to consider for attending training is to upskill my knowledge and support the staff to administrate medication safely. I will have to consider the new Care Act which will be implemented from 1st April 2015 also my organisation policies and procedures will change due to the medication change in the residence.

Due to the abuse that has been happening in other care settings such as, (Winterbourne) the government has changed the legislation. I need to be aware of the most update legislations, guidelines and the welfare requirements and always abide by the code of practice, the Human Rights Act, Disability Discrimination Act and the Mental Capacity Act and Safeguarding. In our organisation we are always continuing to develop our skills and knowledge by regular training. Staff have regular supervisions and appraisals where we discuss mandatory training and any other training which may contribute to the learning needs of the organisation. Staff are also encouraged to reflect on their own performance this is why it is important to have supervisions. The requirements for care workers to engage in professional development is stated in legislation through the expectations of the ‘duty of care’ has both a legal and moral foundation. It is the basic for the requirements that we owe to those in our care. It is based on the moral principles of respect for persons and the moral duty to prevent harm and to promote good.

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