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Growing up a part of a generation that is constantly evolving, can sometimes be a dangerous thing. Although my generation is known for advancing as fast as technology, we, as a whole, are also known to be more violent. Over the past couple of years, violent crimes have steadily increased especially in Detroit, which is a neighboring community to mine. Young adults and teenagers in Detroit have been the foundation of many crime and death rates that have profoundly been rising. Leading to the statement that overall, my generation has become very violent and insensitive, not only to each other, but to their communities as well.

Kidnapping, fighting, sexually assaulting, and killing are all major problems that are repetitively happening in the Detroit area and its surrounding sub cities. Students ranging from elementary school all the way to high school students are beginning to worry about what might happen once they step foot outside their homes. Some people are scared to ponder about the dangers that may happen while they’re in their homes. Many people think hypothetically about the dangers that await them out in Detroit; very few people go out in Detroit just to have a good time. I believe that the crime rates in Detroit are getting out of hand, and the people that it applies to most, which is my generation as well as young adults, need to realize the long term effects of their crimes.

The crime rates in Detroit have significantly increased over the past couple of years which has become a problem for its community.

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