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The focus of this study is to determine the parents can do to realize what will be the impact of broken families with their children, what good do to build a solid foundation for improving relations each family. For well aware of the negative impact on everyone, young and old inside or outside the home whether and how they receive them, whether negative or positive way.

The Family is an essential factor for a human’s whole-being, everything about a man, his background, attitude, all of his achievements, his honor and dignity, relies on the structure of the family a man lives in with. A family is composed of a father a mother and their offspring, bonded by their love for each other.

Here in the modern age a family could be two things, complete or broken. A broken family is believed to be a cause of a child’s mislead in life, some people give it as the main reason of the rebellious and unclear acts of children. School, another factor which meld us on becoming successful, but how will it make us successful if we can’t focus, we can’t do schooling like others cause we mind the problems we encounter in our homes. Broken families affect the child’s performance, attitude and self-esteem. They show statistics that broken families affect much of the child’s emotional and spiritual being, that it greatly distresses the child’s education.

The study was conducted on teenagers age 13-18. These ages are the most effective, because at this age, a person discovers how to confront the problems, and learns how to live with it. They also establish their own personality at this age, and they know how much a person is affected by this king of problems, if there are other factors which counter the problems he/she faces. Some might use friends and other stuff to forget things and focus on studies.

The broken families affect the behavior of children?

Separation, family problems and misunderstandings from the family are the major causes of single – parent or broken families. Good relationship of parents to their children may build a strong relationship and a strong relationship with their family can develop the behavior of their children. The behavior of children can also affect by the relationship of their family. The children who come from broken family will have different behavior on their social well-being. The parents have a special role in the behavior of their children. Broken Family can affect the behavior of their children. But the students who come from broken family have different behavior and different principle in life. It also show us the different ways of the respondents on how they overcome their situation. Here are some question’s of the broken families that affects the behavior of children and to overcome with. 1.What are the effects of broken families?

2.How to live with a broken family?

3.What are the things you should do to overcome a broken family and prove to people that they stand on their own feet?

How to live with a broken family?

Having a broken family is difficult. It is a collapse of god’s intended design. Children can get robbed of a special experience and protection called “family”. They move on their lives as an individual without understanding of what familial security and bond is. They look out in the world and wonder why it has dealt them a cruel card in life, having to deal with separated parents can sometimes also be much harder than if one were to grieve their loss through death. The child can suffer from depression. The child can also feel low self-esteemed as if it’s their fault their parents break up. Other things can happen is that the child may eat a lot and become obese because of sadness. There can be many emotions that a child may have to deal with it. These feelings internalize or expressed, will result in certain behavior that will possibly affect to the child’s outlook in life.

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