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I. Title
It tells what the investigation or research is all about. It should be concise, accurate, and informative in a sense that it can convey the objective of the research.

II. Rationale of the Project or Study
This part will tell why will you be doing the investigation? What made you interested in this kind of study? Explain why your investigation is important to you, your group or the society as a whole. This part should motivate others to see the necessity of doing the investigative research project you are planning.

III. Methodology
This includes how you will conduct your investigation. Include the scope and limitations of the study. It is important to conscious of the limitations of the project from the very start.

IV. Results
This will show what will find out in your investigation.

V. Implications
This part will tell how your findings help you and the society. What benefits will your study give to all. What decisions will be affected by the new information your study will provide.

VI. Time Table
This will show the schedule of activities to be followed by your group in order to complete your project from start to finish. Target Dates| Activities| Comments (for progress report)

VII. Budget
This includes the cost of materials, facilities and services that will be needed in the course of the investigation. Quantity| Item| Specification| Unit Price| Sub total

VIII. Proponents
This includes the names of the members of the group.
Note: Print in single space, Times New Roman, size 12.

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