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Pros Euthanasia Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

There are several discusses about the permissibility of supported suicides, some people dispute that physician supported suicide is sinful, with devout reactions to assisted suicide, while additional believers should be efficiently able to end their anguish in a method in which accommodates to die with dignity. In my believes considering its impact on “special populations”, as adequately as to momentary to mention the rules governing euthanasia in the state of Alabama 13A 6-2. is considered murder. I feel that I deserve the right to live, and by the same token, to die the same way I lived, with the ability to make my own choices, and to die with dignity. Other peoples need to believe in a higher power, however has stripped my right to die with dignity away from me. These religious fanatics believe that for me to have a physician assist me in dying that I am in turn “playing God”. If that is the case then what if an individual is losing blood to cause death from an unforeseen slit, should we just observe and allow their demise occur?

To intervene would question God’s authority to decide the duration of death would it not? For some reason, however religious people do not believe that to be the case. Sounds like a case of contradiction, but that is for another discussion. We knowingly do not grant people access to just do anything they desire, even if the outcome will alter them entirely. And, the beat goes, we are not give permit to have other individuals kill us or support us in committing suicide. To determine what option should be left to a

specific person and which choices should be prevented by law is complicated for any association. The

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abortion debate has divided the nation for many decades but in some states it is legal. Frequently people change their minds. Undeniably sexual manners between consenting adults were not allowed. Today we acknowledged that this was an purposeless attack of the age into personal matters.

This debate is that when it approaches to the moment of deciding death to sooth the insufferable pain for which there is no cure, it is interval for the government to stop meddling with a decision made by an individual whose life and death at interest. The decision should lay with the only individual who is felling the progressive pain that there is no cure. Some would dispute that if we allow even the most restricted forms of assisted suicide, we might start killing off the disadvantaged, the underprivileged, the elderly, unwanted babies, and anyone different who becomes inappropriate (Euthanasia, 2010). I do not see this as any more of a problem than with any other medical procedure. You cannot make a decision on what I can and cannot do with my body based on what a few “bad apples”, might do. There are always going to be those doctors who abuse their rights to practice medicine.

The government does not prevent me from receiving surgery when I need it, even though many physicians are bias to the poor. Why then should they take away this decision? It is a right, not a privilege, but a right to be able to choose the manner in which I choose to die. Whether I chose to be in constant pain or to allow myself to die before that happens. The death of a qualified patient or other patient resulting from the withdrawal of life’s staining treatment in accordance with the rules does not constitute for any purpose a suicide, aggravated murder, or any other homicide offense. The goal for humanity, it seems, is to live as long as you can regardless of the 2quality of that life. If that were not the cause than the people that I have elected into office to serve in my best interest would not be making laws again my being able to end my suffering when my quality of life is no longer tolerable to me. I do not believe in suicide as a means to die, but rather as a way to leave this world with the same dignity that I lived. For all good things must come to an end.


Euthanasia. (2010, May 03). ProCon: www.euthanasia.procon.org Pozgar, G. (2010) Legal and Ethical Issues for Health Care Professionals, 2nd edition, Sudbury: Jones and Barlett Publishers.

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