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Almost everyone has heard of the issue between the benefits and dangers of childhood vaccines. As a parent you want to do what is best for your child and protect them. Some people have different opinions on what that specifically entails when it comes to childhood vaccines. The argument on both sides range from first amendment right issues all the way to disabling health concerns. Currently, all 50 States require vaccinations for children prior to entering public school. While some may say this is a violation of parents’ first amendment right due to personal, medical and religious beliefs being denied, there are many states in which exemptions are provided for such beliefs when planned ahead of time. One of the issues with this is that diseases attack children and the elderly more often because their bodies are more susceptible to them. Vaccinating your child before entering school not only helps protect them from contracting a common childhood disease, but it also protects an epidemic from spreading throughout the school system and our entire country. A second argument one might bring up is the fact that you can contract a disease you are vaccinated against and that they’re not useful because death from diseases is rare these days. Vaccinations are 90-99% effective in preventing a disease they are designed to prevent.

According to, research has been done to validate that if you do contract a disease you vaccinated against, the symptoms will be much milder and the consequences less severe than if you weren’t vaccinated in the first place. also discusses the arguments that stem from the health risks associated with childhood vaccines such as autism, ADD, seizers and such. Currently there is still no proof beyond a reasonable doubt that links any of those diseases/health risks specifically to childhood vaccines. The risk of obtaining a disease such as those is so small compared to the risks of permanent damage and/or death if you contract a disease and were not vaccinated against it. A good example of this is hearing loss due to contraction of mumps (, 2012). Although this issue will probably be battled over for many years to come, I feel that there is no reason to not vaccinate your children; whether just because the school requires it or in general protection for your child. The high risks associated with non-vaccination call for a need to vaccinate children; they’re bodies are creating antibodies that will help protect them for the rest of their lives. With children being vaccinated, the rate of death from diseases and number of cases that pop up of disease is far smaller than it would be if there were no vaccinations.


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