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I would like to inform you of an incident that has caused an injury to one of our espresso machine staff. The fatality is Mr. Gary King who is one of our senior service technicians who has been in service in MacVille for 30 years now. As a result of this injury and based on the previous and current records, I therefore conclude that the current working environment in the workplace caused the incident. Mr. Gary King is a maintenance engineer with MacVille at Brisbane Branch and has been loyal to our company since then.

Mr. Gary King was given a 4-day rest by the company doctor for his back pain as part of his work cover certificate. After an interview with Mr. King, he mentioned some concerns about the safety of the current work environment of which are the following:

The placement of tools under the bench are not within reach when needed right away. The seat in the service van is not comfortable to sit on for extended period of time The height of the work bench is too high to work on

The two-person lift policy can not be followed on a regular basis due to unavailability of other staff during peak customer hours

It is about time that we must adhere to some policy to lessen the incidence of injuries in the near future. According to the Safe Work Queensland regulation, Hazardous Manual Task Code of 2011, we need to abide by the rules to prevent such injuries. Workbenches need to be set up according to the technician’s specifications with regards to his working needs and physical comfort.

Tools need to be at proper height according to average person/technicians height to prevent back strain. Modification of the service van seat to provide comfort to the user when using the seat for long periods Additional breaks at intervals for aged workers

The health and safety representative should remind technicians of the proper manual handling on a regular basis Provision of training for staff for new technology to make work easier Risk management strategy must be implemented

Limited heavy lifting task for aged workers

It would be of great benefit for the entire team if risk preventive strategies are implemented to them in due time to avoid injuries, absenteeism and penalties.

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