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Outcome 1 Question 1

Mobility means being able to move or be moved freely. Individuals with disabilities or deformities may have restricted mobility as some parts of their body may not being able to move freely

Outcome 1 Question 2

Many health conditions can affect mobility, from physical deformities to neurological conditions (ie Multiple Sclerosis). Somebody that is unable to physically move their arms or legs due an disability (such as juvenile arthritis) will have restricted mobility, where they may not be able to carry out day to day tasks and may need assistance. Multiple Sclerosis can affect a number of functions that would ultimately affect mobility, changes in vision could make it difficult to navigate an space safely and effectively, where muscle weakness would make it more difficult to walk. If an individual has suffered from a stroke they may have restricted mobility in the affected side of their body, they may be unable to stand or to balance and may have difficulty moving their arm/hand to carry out day to day tasks.

Outcome 1 Question 3

If an individual is unable to carry out tasks due to a lack of mobility they may as a result suffer from low self-esteem and feel frustrated with their self for not being able to carry out a particular task. They may be unable to do things when they wish and may have to wait for support or help from a family member or carer.

Outcome 1 Question 4

Being able to maintain mobility will have a positive effect on an individual’s wellbeing and well as possibly help improve their physical
condition. Maintaining and improving mobility helps the body keep healthy. Movement improves the cardiovascular system, which controls breathing and the circulation of blood.

Outcome 2 Question 1

It is important to agree mobility activities with the individual and others so that everyone knows what is about to happen and can prepare themselves for what is to come. It is important to do this before every movement is carried out.

Outcome 2 Question 2

It is important to remove any hazards in the area before beginning a mobility activity to reduce the risk of injury to both the service user and yourself, you would do this by visually inspecting the area for any hazards (eg electrical wires) and move them out of the way in a safe and caring manner.

Outcome 2 Question 3

It is important to check the suitability of an individual’s clothing and footwear before a mobility activity to remove any hazard that may present itself, if an individual did not have appropriate footwear before being transferred on a turn disk for example they may lose their balance and cause injury to themselves or the carer. Clothing should be placed so that it does not get in the way of any mobility aid and that there is little change that it can be tripped on.

Outcome 2 Question 4

Before using mobility equipment and/or appliances it is important to visually check that the equipment is safe and clean. Mobility equipment is serviced and inspected regularly by qualified individuals but it is still important to carry out visual checks yourself just in case there is damage to the equipment. It is important that mobility equipment and/or appliances is clean before every use as this will reduce the risk of illness and complications with the equipment.

Outcome 3 Question 1

By having the service user actively participate in a mobility activity they will feel that they are helping themselves more than what they could without your assistance, you would do this with the use of verbal prompts, and tell them how well they are doing.

Outcome 3 Question 2

On some occasions it may be necessary to assist the service user to use a mobility appliance correctly and safely you could do this by guiding them physically or verbally to ensure their safety.

Outcome 3 Question 3

Whilst carrying out and activity it is important to talk to the service user, encouraging them and telling them how well they are doing in carry out the activity, this may assist them in wanting to carry on with the task even if it is causing discomfort.

Outcome 4 Question 1

Whilst carrying out any transfer it is important to pay attention to the service user and to what you are doing, if the service user starts to struggle or becomes agitated you may want to take a break to let them rest.

Outcome 4 Question 2

At the end of any call we would fill in the care log sheet listing all activities carried out, this would include and transfers carried out and also any issues we came across. If there was an issue with the equipment we would inform the office by phone or in person and by writing a written report.

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