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Subject is seen as a brown-complexioned adult male, about 5’6 ft. tall with ectomorph body type and semi bald haircut. The subject has mole at his left face below his eyes, he was wearing a violet sando, maong shorts with rubber slippers as footwear. The subject is living with his brother after his confinement at AFP Medical Center . The subject stated that he is a chain smoker for a year, He also stated that he doesn’t have any disease specifically mental illness, he keeps on denying that there is something wrong with him, unlike his doctor told him that he has schizophrenia. According to the subject when he was not able to take his medication there is a continuous mumbling episodes, involuntary movements and he felt that his whole body was very weak. During the interview and while taking the test he is very cooperative, he can maintain eye contact, he was able to supply all the information needed and seemed to be very detailed, he is very aware about the things that is going on around him. The subject can do different house chores; and he knows how to fix his self without the help of his relative. The subject has mumbling episodes once in a while and involuntary movements of his legs.

Relevant History
The subject narrated what was happened to him before, he was at the training centre for military because he wanted to be a soldier, he was one of the best trainees way back his time, One time when he is about to go home after the training someone hit his nape and leave him at the high way, the reason why the subject didn’t make to be a soldier and his case is a good example of what they called “war shock”. The subject was aware that he is a chain smoker because he was able to finish one pack of cigarette for just one hour or less and continuous smoking for two years, according to him he was taught by his eldest brother. The subject also stated that he is the only person who has this kind of case in the said family.

Test Result and Interpretation
Level of intellectual functioning is along the inferior classification. The subject has a difficulty in dealing with analytical kind of situations; he had a hard time making decision especially when stressors arise. The subject emotional states divulge to be timid and fearful, he is very careful in doing his task because he is afraid of the punishment he will get out of it. The subject has the ability to do different kinds of house chores with the supervision of his brother. He is very conscious about the moves he has to make. He is also optimistic in a sense that he doesn’t care about the different criticisms of others towards him. The subject has a poor social relationship because he is afraid to have commitment with them, he always isolate his self to others. The subject’s psychosexual relationship has no significant disturbance because he has a good relationship towards opposite sex. The subject is denial about his true feelings, and trying to hide some details about him.

Schizophrenia (undifferentiated type)

The subject is encourage to undergo talk therapy to boost his self-worth and for him to establish good relationship towards others. The subject must continue taking his medication to be more functional and to prevent the recurrence of future episodes.

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