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This report is about the job of a psychologist. I chose the topic of a psychologist because I want to be a part of something for a cause, to help people. I realized recently that I pay attention to the different aspects of people’s behaviors so I usually know how the other person is feeling. So if I can apply my skills to a career, it would have to be a psychologist. A psychologist would be a perfect career because I knew already that psychologists study the behaviors of people and help them with a solution to their problems.

When it came to my sources, I found that the books were easier to deal with. They were much easier to deal with because most of the information I needed was on the same page so I didn’t have to scavenge for facts. The source that gave me the most problems was the interview. It’s because I didn’t get to job shadow so I couldn’t sit and ask questions. Instead, I had to look around for a psychologist to interview because so many were unavailable. I found that the internet source was the most valuable because there was so much information that it had more than the book and interview combined.

I’ve learned while researching that psychologists make their money varying how much they’ve studied in college and what type of psychologist they become. On average, they usually make $28,001 to $50,001 or more per year. The highest 10% of psychologists earn more than $125,560 a year. The outlook of becoming a psychologist is good in Louisiana and USA and it is expected that this job’s outlook will grow fast as average.

Before getting on the job, a person expecting to work in this field of psychology must get a degree depending on what type of psychologist. The degrees range from Master’s Degrees, Doctoral Degrees, PhDs, and PsyDs. You must also get a state license and board certification. Studying subjects like biology, psychology, sociology, math, English, and science in high school may benefit when applying for prestigious colleges for studying the field of psychology. Having an internship and being emotionally stable, mature, sensitive, and have strong communication skills is also what’s needed when becoming a psychologist.

Once the requirements are fulfilled, a person would expect to work alone and sometimes work in groups with other psychologists and medical professionals. Tools used in this career are simple things such as notebooks, pens, pencils, planners, and sometimes a computer. Some psychologists that work with the government usually have structured schedules. The person would also expect to have pressures like deadlines, tight schedules, and overtime work. A daily routine of a psychologist is usually involved with scheduling sessions with patients, helping clients and customers, work with mentally ill individuals, and give reasonable solutions and ideas to the issues. Some other things are like evaluating and managing information and studying how people deal with each other and with the world around them. They work in organizational consultation, marketing research, system design, or other applied psychology fields. Some psychologists specialize in a niche area, such as group behavior, leadership, attitudes, and perception.

While researching this career, I learned a lot of things about becoming a psychologist. I learned that to get the right education and a good salary, you’d have to go to school for a longer time than expected. When becoming a psychologist, there is very repetitive daily schedule to maintain. Also that psychologists have to lots of tasks and don’t get out much. Since being on this job requires so much and doesn’t change much, I’ve decided I don’t want to become a psychologist. I don’t regret researching this career, though because it just means that I have realized sooner that I do not want to become a psychologist.

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