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When you hear the word encouragement, what do you think? Do you think of motivation, pep talk, or role models? Have you’ve ever asked yourself what yourself what this word even means? To me I’ve thought of it many, multiple times. When I hear this word I think of taking myself away from the world. You motivate yourself to do whatever your heart has always told you. Encouragement is the key to your happiness, the voice you hear when you think of all your dreams, dream of your dreams and follow them. When you have a dream, do you just think of it? Do you want it to happen? Do you ever stop to think about what you can do to achieve your goals in life or your true dreams? When you think of these things, you’re motivating yourself. You may think of encouragement when someone else is there besides you holding your hand telling you to move forward. No one can always be by your side guiding through this obstacle called life. You have to believe in yourself, congratulating yourself when you do something good. You encourage yourself to live on, which is why I am writing this paper. I’m telling you, you don’t need a friend when in doubt.

There will always be those doubt thoughts you can’t get out of your head. When you’ve think everything has gone wrong and you’ve gone completely hopeless and all you can do is think, ‘is this worth it, should I just leave my life?’ Don’t think that. Encouragement is you to find yourself and hear your voice. You can always pick yourself back up. You can never say you have nothing left, because you do, your motivation. No one ever took away your happiness, your thoughts, your dreams, and your feelings. Their still there, so you have something left. I want to tell you that you have me here. You have me to listen too. You have me to hear your voice. Don’t ever think you have nothing left, because you do. It’s you. You have that ability to look up in the stars and ask yourself what you’re going to do today. You might say sit around and cry about your life, but do you really want that.

Do you want just negative thoughts to surround you and take over your motivation to keep living? Do you want your happiness to soak away and leave you stranded? I’m here to say you have everything left but your just letting yourself thinks this. You can’t let something called weakness take over your brain. This is why you have encouragement. Encouragement is that key to the lock of happiness. Its happiness that makes you think everything is alright. You don’t always need a shoulder to cry on, because you never have to cry. I’m writing this to touch your heart, to tell you its okay to be sad. It’s okay to say you hate everything. It’s okay to cry and yell at the world. It’s not okay to let these feelings take over. When you feel like this you take a deep breath and believe in yourself. Encouraging yourself to feel better. Feel that happiness you could never feel before. Start a whole new path hearing yourself encourage you to move forward because no one is stopping you.

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