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Everyday each person faces some kind of challenge or obstacle to overcome. There will be decisions that have to be made and changes that require you to adapt. Even if those changes are good or bad. These changes are usually very hard for people to adapt and overcome. We as people must overcome adversity to excel in life. In a book called Tuesday’s with Morrie, Morrie is diagnosed with Lou Gherig’s disease. Lou Gehrig’s disease also known as ALS destroys the neurons of the brain and spinal cord, which are responsible for voluntary movement. After a certain time any patient diagnosed with ALS becomes paralyzed and often dies within a few years. Morrie was a professor Brandeis University teaching Sociology. When he was diagnosed he taught until he was unable to. Mitch, his former student worked constantly under pressure. He never visited his professor until he saw him on television interviewing with Ted Koppel. After that he started to visit his professor every Tuesday to learn about the meaning of life. Most people after being diagnosed with a life threatening disease would fall into a type of depression or stress. Morrie refused to fall into that type of mind set.

He wanted to live his life out happily without anyone giving him remorse. When Mitch’s beloved professor passed away, Mitch carried on his teachings by speaking out. Through the thirteen Tuesdays he was with his professor, Mitch found his old, kind and loving self again. (Mitch, 2002) Each person has some form of stress in his or her time caused by hassles. Stress is the term used to describe the physical, emotional, cognitive and behavorial responses to events that are appraised as threatening or challenging (Ciccarelli, 2012). Stress causing events are called stressors. One major hassle that causes stress is being stuck in traffic and having to be somewhere on time. Hassles are the daily annoyances in everyday life (Ciccarelli, 2012). Stressful situations affect us all in many ways and we need a way to deal with our problem, or we may become even more mentally and maybe even physically sick from these stressors.

Coping styles are ways to keep stress out. Dr. Lee Berk and Dr. Stanley Tan found that laughing significantly increases the level of health protecting hormones, which helps ease stress (Ciccarelli, 2012). Another form of coping is to do what you love to do such as a hobby. When I am stressed out I love to play sports such as baseball and basketball, it relieves my stress and I become myself again. The coping styles we all should stay away from are emotional eating, smoking and drinking excessively (Scott, E. 2011). These styles always have a bad outcome in the end. Both hassles and stress include a lot of problems, but with it comes pressure. Pressure is the psychological experience produced by urgent demands or expectations for a person’s behavior that comes from an outside source (Ciccarelli, 2012). A good example of this is the President of The United States.

Our president is always under pressure to solve issues and create new ways to keep the people happy. Sometimes his office doesn’t agree with his solution to solve these problems. Frustration sets in with the president because if one side likes an idea the other pushes it aside and wants a better idea. Frustration is the psychological experience produced by the blocking of a desired goal or fulfillment of a perceived need (Ciccarelli, 2012). Our president has a very hard job to do and it takes a lot of patience to deal with these situations. In conclusion, life is about facing challenges and overcoming obstacles. People have to deal with stress, frustration, pressure, hassles and different methods of coping styles to help them get through each day. All of us can adapt to make these situations better. We as people have to want to do it and overcome adversity to excel.

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