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Public Accommodation Company (PAC Co.) is a company that provide accommodation place for public. The PAC Co. is not only concern providing accommodation place; it also has to give good services to their client. The clients are their applicant of public accommodation and the tenant.

The company has their own organization to organize all their work flow and services. Below is an organization chart of Public Accommodation Company by department, section and unit.

Below is an employee chart of Public Accommodation Company.

In the PAC Co. organization, the head of section meeting together with the director and assistant director to make decision making for the company. In the PAC Co. Director is the higher level of decision maker in the company and the group of this decision maker called Group Decision Making. The lower decision making in the PAC Co. is the Building Inspector or Assistant Building Inspector. In an inspection condition of the accommodation, Building Inspector or Assistant Building Inspector has to make decision individually and this called Individual Decision Making.

In the PAC Co. the most important income of the company is the tenant. The way to keep the quality of the company; the effective and the efficient way of provide accommodation to the public will increase the reputation of the company. More tenant mean more income to the company.

Public are open to apply for the accommodation under PAC Co. The entire applicant that applies the accommodation must be checking by Chief Clerk. Firstly, the Chief Clerk will decide and categories the applicant with their entitlement. The decision that made by the chief clerk is a routine work and directly refers to the procedure that the company provided.

For example, the applicant has a salary $5,000 and has a wife. The applicant has two (2) sons, two (2) daughters and a housemate. The applicant request air-conditioned living room and all the bed room, water heater every bathroom and kitchen, a family hall, one study room, one wash room for guest, six (6) bedroom with bathroom, two (2) sofa set with two (2) table, one (1) double bed and five (5) single bed with mattress, dining table with 8 chairs, built-in electric cooker with oven and refrigerator.

Step 1 – Identifying the problem; the chief will identify the problem. The problems are requested room needed, total in the family to accommodate, furniture needed and facilities requested.

Step 2 – Identifying the Decision Criteria; finding the relevant of requested accommodation. The criteria are a living room, family hall, a guest wash room, six (6) bedrooms with bathroom, furniture and all the facilities requested.

Step 3 – Allocating Weight to the Criteria; the required criteria must be measure with the resources available. The chief must find the requested criteria. If the requested criterion is available and there’s a vacant accommodation then the chief can directly go to next step. Otherwise, if there is no vacant meet the criteria needed as requested. The chief will give weight to the available vacant accommodation by rating the accommodation available.

Step 4 – Developing Alternatives; the other alternative have to be listed. The chief will listed the requested item and find other alternatives like built complete water heater system, buy stand alone water heater, as requested.

Step 5 – Analyzing Alternatives; the listed alternatives criteria will be evaluate and given rate with the criteria. The chief will listed all the alternative criteria.

In this way the most priority house to be chosen is house 3 with total rate 37, then house 1 with the total rate 33, then house 4 with total rate 30 and the last one is house 2 with the total rate 29.

Step 6 – Selecting an Alternative; after making consideration then chose the best alternative that suite the criteria. From the analysis of the house, the total rate to be taken with consideration on each house. House 3 with the total rate 37 and other possible alternative is shift one of the living room as a family hall. House 1 has only five (5) bedrooms less one bedroom. House 4 also has five (5) bedrooms with fewer facilities. House 2 is far from the criteria needed.

Step 7 – Implementing the alternative; the way to implement the alternative to be done in which by doing the alternative taken. To make the alternative work effective the chief accommodation will communicate with the applicant by giving the right information and another alternative due to not meet the requested accommodation.

Step 8 – Evaluating Decision Effectiveness; The way of make the criteria and the solving the problem, if the criteria meet the objective or the alternative work effectively. From the information given to the applicant, the chief will get the feedback from the applicant with the result then solve the decision; is the applicant agrees with other alternative? That will be the result of final decision.

In doing the decision making, sometimes the decision is very simple and easily to make decision but with the range of some sort of problem sometime the decision is very hard to decide which is more complicated. There are two types of decision; 1) Programmed Decisions which involve as usual and same as previous decision have been made with same criteria, 2) Non-Programmed Decisions which is the decision that involve of further thinking that is not regularly done like routine decision and sometime it occur with unexpected of problem.

The PAC Co. has their routine of decision that depends on the rules and regulation during the waiting list application. In the waiting list application, the applicant must meet the criteria. The criteria are must be local resident or permanent resident and salary must be $2,000 above to entitle in the waiting list application.

The chief of accommodation will immediately take an action and the given authority to make decision; this will make the process effectively and efficiently in a short period of time for making decision. Chief of accommodation is behaving as lower class of manager in this company. Due to the authority given to the chief accommodation the decision time will be less and the middle and upper level manager will make less making decision on routine decision. These also give the lower level manager do their task and responsibility of making decision. It gives the middle and upper level manager to concentrate on the unexpected and irregular decision only. With the authority given to the lower level manager, the manager will experienced and motivate the lower level manager in decision making and will help the company working properly, effectively and efficiently.

All the middle manager always do their task and responsibility on making decision. In this company the head of accommodation section only doing the decision is more complicated and take a bit longer time on making decision. For example of an immediate action, the natural disasters like soil erosion that impacts the accommodation one of the tenant house under the management of PAC Co. Firstly the head section will decide and ask their subordinate to list down all the available accommodation. After receiving the list of available accommodation, then the head will decide and move the tenant to the new place.

The middle manager must have taken their initiative and must confident with the certainty, the risk and the assumption of rationality. This is a wise way of tackle the problem in short period of time for the head of accommodation section. It’s their responsibility to give safety to the tenant that affected in natural disaster. If something happen to the safety of affected tenant, it will impact the company and more probably the companies have to pay consumption due to the injuries because of slower decision. In this case it gives opportunity for the group people to make decision in further action. This is non-programmed types of decision where the problems occur rarely and not irregular to make decision. What we understand the decisions made is based on the felling and emotion and the decision is called Affect-initiated decision. Sometime the decision have to be made; based on skill, knowledge or training, based on experience, based on ethical values or culture and based on subconscious data.

The top level of manager is the most important issues on making decision. The task of top level manager is only making decision that usually for the future of the organization and deal with very biggest issues.

The director of the PAC Co. is the topper level of manager. The directors have to think on how to increase the income of the company and improve the services to more efficiently. This decision is always done in a group of decision making.

The benefits of group decision maker are: 1) sharing a lot of idea and suggestion because more head are combine their idea together, 2) all the level manager of decision maker have their commitment and loyalty because they involve and take their responsibility to ensuring all the decision is successfully implemented, 3) Due to any level of decisional maker and the staff given opportunity to say their idea and suggestion, it mean the motivation will improve and 4) All the staff with the manager will also improve their communication skill and co-ordination among the staff-members.

Decision making is very important to any level of manager and the staff-members by Programmed Decisions or Non-Programmed Decisions and wrongly decision it will impose the organization at bad situation. Taking good step on decision making will give the organization work effectively and efficiently depend on the certainty, risk and assumption rationality of thinking.

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