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Public Schools Play a Key Role Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Public schools is also refer to primary or secondary schools mandated for or offered to all children without charge, funded in whole or in part by taxation. It may also refer to public institutions of post-secondary education funded and overseen by the government from around the world. In Malaysia however it is also the most important steps of education for majority of the students in Malaysia. It is the genesis for most of the knowledge, experience, education obtained by the students. Which is why it plays a key role in student development. For that itself to happen the public schools must retain the key traits that makes a public school such a nice place to learn for the students. And here are some of the reasons why? Firstly, the subjects available for the students must be limited in both the primary and secondary school. Which is five for the primary school for example: English, Malay, Science ,Geography & Mathematics. Whereas in secondary school subjects from primary schools must be carried on to secondary schools including the extra two subjects that must be emphasized which is History and Living Skills. All those subjects will allow the students to chase after their preferred occupation in the near future and become the next leader for tomorrow.

Secondly, teachers also plays a important role in public schools because without them the students will have no source of knowledge to learn and absorb. The teachers themselves must be specialists in their perspective subjects and not be asked to multitask because if the teacher doesn’t know his/her subject well they can’t give a proper explanation to the students for them understand their teaching so that they can understand the students well and manage according to how the students react and make the class a whole lot interesting for the students to enjoy the class rather than be bored of when a teacher reads out of the book directly to get the best experience for the students themselves. Thirdly, the school hours mus

t be shortened and co-curriculum activities must be kept to a minimum so that the students have more

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free time for themselves besides just staying in school most of the time and get bored in co-curriculum even though activities in schools play a key role for the development of students.

With the shorter co-curriculum students can hangout with their friends, have more time to study to emphasize on their studies, go on the web, exercise and most importantly help out their busy parents with house work to keep the house clean. Since parents nowadays aren’t free at home because their working hard to raise the family. The students can also learn to be independent as well since their doing most of the chores without anyone telling them to do so. That’s why reducing a students co-curriculum gives them more freedom to do their own activities. Besides that, the cost of entering a school must not be raised too much and become too expensive for the some students to afford. Entering a school not so long ago was very affordable for most of the families in the previous generation and in the present day the cost to enroll a student into public school can cost up to thousands of ringgit.

Student nowadays have a lot of expenses to in their life. For example tuition and music classes are the two most common classes taken by students outside of the school because their parents want their child to have other talents besides just studying. That’s why free education is a must for public students in Malaysia. In addition for more affordable education in public schools the school board should spend more money on beautifying school buildings, school compounds and facilities to give the students a better environment for studying . It also to gives a stronger feeling of security to the students for them to feel more comfortable when learning. The improvement on the facilities in public schools also give the confident to students to learn faster and study better it makes them feel more at home in school rather than a prison cell where the students feels scared and uncomfortable when attending it.

Public schools is the place where all of us have been through before attending to collage or universities and it is a pathway to our future or a “game changer” in our lives so we must appreciate it. Even though our times have passed in public schools we can still have our chance to tell the young ones on how to take advantage of public schools and use all the opportunities when they have it, climb the obstacles in it and have fun while doing it. It is also in public school where they can live with the public and learn to live with the society. Challenges are also found in public school like exams, assignment , presentations to prepare us to face the society in the coming future and be the better people for the tomorrow, the leaders of our society. Before all that can happen they must succeed in public school. Like U.S. publisher, philanthropist, and diplomat Walter Annenberg once said , “Everybody around the world wants to send their kids to our universities. But nobody wants to send their kids here to public school”.

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