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Introduction of TOPIC

The purpose of my training programme is to improve my stamina. I hope to do this so I can improve my performance in sport and still maintain a high standard of energy throughout the activity.

What I hope to achieve

By the end of the training programme I want to increase my stamina and my bleep test level from 8 to 12. I also want to be able to produce a good training programme that I will stick to.


My chosen sport is kickboxing. The purpose of this training programme is to improve my stamina. I hopefully want to redo the bleep test and achieve a level 12.

By improving my stamina I will be able to fight continuously for a satisfactory amount of time.

The type of training I will be using is continuous training; this is because it is specific. Continuous training is involved in kickboxing due to the length of time of the match. The advantages of continuous training are:

* Its cheap

* It can be done anywhere

* Its adaptable and safe

Continuous training also has disadvantages such as:

* It can be boring

* It’s not time effective.

To stop my training programme getting boring I will listen to music while training or train along side some friends.

My training will be progressive this means it will start easy and gradually get harder. My training will also be steady so I am not affected by injury or overload this means doing a little more work over time, as you get stronger. Running two miles every three days is fine to maint

ain a level of healthy fitness. If you were a competitive runner you would need to add more distance

as you trained.

While training you can be affected by reversibility which basically means, missing a week of training could take you about 3 weeks to get back to that stage. This is because the body loses muscle faster than it is gained.

Preparation for exercise

To prevent injury my training program will include a warm-up. It is important we warm-up before exercise to prevent blood pooling, cramp or injury.

My warm-up will start with 8-10 shuffle runs to get the blood pumping round the body faster. I will then do a number of stretches starting with my:


Raise and bend your right arm until your palm is facing the floor . hold the area below the right elbow with your left hand. Apply a constant upward force for 8-10 seconds. Switch arms and repeat.


* Place both palms against wall at shoulder height

* Position feet slightly apart, slide one foot back, toes pointed forward, keeping both heels on the ground

* Bend front knee slightly

* Gently lean forward feeling a stretch in back of leg and calf

* Hold 8-10 seconds for each leg

* Repeat with the other leg

Lower body

* While sitting or standing, put one hand on your hip and the other hand over your head

* Reach up and stretch slowly over to one side

* Do not lean forward or backward

* Hold and stretch, then switch sides

* Repeat three to four times

* This exercise helps stretch the muscles between the ribs, waistline and upper hip


* Lie on your side

* Bend one knee

* Keep knees together

* Use your hand to slowly press your heel toward your buttocks until you feel a stretch on the front of your thigh

* Hold the stretch (8-10 secs), then switch sides


* Lie on back, with lower back flat on floor, knees bent and feet flat

* Slowly extend one leg up until you feel a gentle pull behind the knee

* To increase the stretch, gently flex the ankle

* Hold 15-30 seconds

* Repeat with other leg

after completing the above strerches I will do a small activity such as padwork to prepare for the activity I will be doing.

Recovery after exercise

After exercise it is important our body has chance to cool down gradually to prevent blood pooling. I will do this by doing a slow lap around the gym and then a variety of stretches (see above)

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