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Putting Our Brains on Hold
1. I think Herbert’s overall argument is that people in the United States are suffering significant decline in education, therefore losing its leadership qualities. Herbert highlights the fact that people are not coming close to acquiring the education and training to maintain a middle class standard of living. I think this quote “The world leadership qualities of the United States, once so prevalent, are fading faster than the polar ice caps” best illustrates his overall point because he points out how United States once used to be the best country in the world is now is a nation at risk, and is also behind other developed countries.

2. Herbert blames parents, students, the educational establishment, government leaders, and the news media for the decline in the college degree holders. This quote “A society that closes its eyes to the most important issues of the day, that often holds intellectual achievement in contempt, that is more interested in hip-hop and Lady Gaga than educating its young is all but guaranteed to spiral into a decline.” best illustrates his criticism against the entrainment industry.

3. I think there are lot of things wrong in our society, thus causing the education decline in the United States. One of the things I blame is parenting. Parents these days , simply do not put effort in their kids what so ever they give them way too much of freedom. They also don’t teach their kids discipline or inspire them . I also blame the media for the decline of education because the media glorifies celebrities who are not educated and still are well off for example some high school students do not go to college because their favorite artists or role models did not go to college. Although Bob Herbert, address a lot of issues but he did not focus on the main issue that is causing the decline of education, that main issue is money.

I think money is the biggest issue because how are most students from lower to middle class are supposed to pay 30,40, or even 50 thousand dollars to get a college degree. People from the lower to middle class are in debts before of their college bills and it is pretty hard to get a job after college and to pay off that debt. A lot of students like myself are currently in a community college so they can save money instead going directly to a four year college. I think the United States education decline will end if college education will cost less and if universities will not just focus on making large amounts of profit.

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