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Quantity and Specifications Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Terms and Conditions

1. The tender must accompany earnest money at the rate of 2% of the total value of the bid in the form of Call Deposit /Bank Draft (refundable) drawn in favour of CIIT,Attock Campus. 2. The successful bidders shall have to abide by rules, procedures and instructions of the Provincial Government issued from time to time. 3. The bidders should refrain from giving multiple options for the same equipment with higher specifications and higher prices. Only one specification and one price should be quoted for one equipment. 4. CIIT,Attock campus reserves the right to increase or decrease the quantity for any equipment at any time.

5. Warranty must be as per the tender specifications and can be verifiable from the manufacturer. 6. The vendor will provide an undertaking to supply, install and commission the equipment preferably ex-stock or within 6 weeks (max) from the date of issue of the Work Order. Partial deliveries will not be accepted. 7. Prices must be valid for a minimum of 90 days from the date of bid opening. 8. Bids to be submitted in Pak Rupees Only, inclusive of all taxes. 9. No advance payment will be made.

10. Deduction of sale tax, income tax & stamp duty will be mandatory as per rule. 11. Competent Authority reserves the rights to r

eject any or all tenders without assigning any reasons. Document

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General Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions are as under:

1. No tender will be considered if:-

a) Received without required documentation or found incomplete b) Received later than the date and time fixed for Tender submission c) The Tender is unsigned/ unstamped d) The Tender is singed/stamped by the unauthorized agent of the firm/company e) The Tender is from a firm which is blith any Public Sector Organization; f) The Tender is received by telephone/telex/fax/telegram 2. Earnest money of successful bidder will remain in custody of this office until the complete supply of the material 3. The tender must accompany earnest money 02% of the total value of the bid in the form of Call Deposit / Bank draft (refundable) drawn in favor of COMSATS Institute of Information Technology,Attock. Tenders without earnest money or less than 02% of the total value will not be entertained; 4. Prices/Rates should be inclusive of GST, where applicable 5. Prices should be quoted in PAK Rupees only

6. The successful bidder will have to supply the ordered goods –within One week time after the receipt of the work order 7. In case the successful bidder(s) fail to supply the ordered goods within one week, his purchase order will supposed to be cancelled; earnest money will be confiscated and the order will be placed to the next lowest bidder(s) 8. Income tax as applicable and announced by the GOP will be deducted at source 9. No advance payment will be permissible

10. The payment will be made on successful completion of all requisite items 11. Bidders will have to produce the proof of GST registration 12. No deviation from the specification given by the CIIT, available on the website of the Institute (www.comsats.edu.pk), will be accepted 13. Any attempt by a bidder to influence in the examination, evaluation, comparison, and post qualification of the Bids or Contract award decisions may result in the rejection of its bid 14. The CIIT reserves the right to accept or reject any or all tenders as per PPRA rules

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