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Question and Spreadsheets Homework Assignment Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

You are asked to do Problem 12.6 and the problem below for yourself – no need to submit and not as part of Assignment 4. (The correct solutions of Assignment 4 from the instructor will include answers to these problems.)

Problem Seventy-five percent of calls arriving at a help line can be handled by the person who answers the phone, but the remaining 25% of them will need to be referred to someone else. Assume that every call requires one minute of attention by the person who answers the phone (either to answer the question or to figure out how the referral should be handled). Calls that are referred need an additional amount of time, as given in the table below. Time Required Probability

Callers are served on a first come, first served basis, and are put on hold until the line is free. Use the random numbers to simulate what happens to 10 callers. What percentage of your callers needs to be referred? Of those who had to be referred, what is the average referral time?

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