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1What is Lundberg’s THESIS, and where does she state it?
Lundberg’s thesis statements was about healthy food and how people should avoid meat and be a vegetarians ,and she gave a lot of information how meat is bad for our health.

­How,according to Lundbergs, does ‘’the standard American diet’’ (par.4) damage the environment? summarize the main points she uses to support her claim.In paragraph four lundberg’s described how the standard American diet damage the environment  and she said,’’Dieticain Kate Geagan compares the environmental impact of the American diet that of ‘’our love affair with SUVs’’ warning that the energy use involved in the production ,transport,processing,packaging,storing,and preparation of food is now the single largest contributor to global warming.

Why does Lundberg note that the nitrous oxide by cow manure is ‘’a greenhouse gas that is three hundred times more potent than carbon dioxide’’ (par.5) what point is she making here? Because livestock manure is the source of two ­third of the man made nitrous oxide now.

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