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Race and Ethnicity Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

  1. Go to the Site above entitled and click on the link. Click on the quick facts about race and read them. Then go to the right hand column and click on the link called . Do the activity. After you have completed the activity write a paragraph that describes how well you did. Were you surprised about your ability to “sort people?” Why or Why not?

Yes, I was surprised that there were people who I had already prejudged based on my encounters with people from other cultures.  For example, for Asians I expected them all to have slanted eyes and a pale complexion.  I was surprised when a sharp profiled person was of Asian race.  And for the black race, I never expected a light skinned person to fall under that category.

  1. Now click on the link in the right hand column entitled . . Again, write a paragraph that describes how well you did and what you learned from taking the quiz.

I only answered 7 out of the 10 questions correctly.  This section basically imparts upon the person that there are many conclusions, rightly or wrongly, derived from first impressions.  The tendency is to judge people to on the color of their skin or their race and ethnicity.  One should not judge based on appearances alone or what the popular opinion is.

  1. From the section, click on the box called to learn more about why race isn’t biological. Go through the activities and the conclusion. Explain in a paragraph what is meant by the statement, “humans are very diverse, they don’t come in nice neat packages.”

Human beings cannot be categorized under a single heading or single characteristic.  Each and every person, while possessing a similar if not identical genetic structure, is different from everyone else.  No single person can be aptly defined or contained in a single definition or contained under one heading.

  1. Go to the link in the right hand column called . Click on the and watch the four audio-slideshows (it should only take about 12 minutes). In a paragraph, write about the differences people experience and why race is so difficult to talk about.

Most of the differences that

people from different races have experienced would deal with the corresponding rights and privileges

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that are granted to one who is deemed to originate from a superior race.  Even the similar achievements and experiences, do not suffice to bring different races together.  The reason why this is so difficult to talk about is because of the fact that people are unwilling to accept the fact that all the benefits and comforts that they possess right now can be attributed to their “belonging” to a certain “superior” race.  People want to believe that everything they have is the result of hardwork but in reality much of the opportunities are given only to those who are deemed to belong to a better race.

  1. Now click on the link in the right hand column entitled . Click on the box called . Meet Byron Green and Max Holland. Looking at how the differences that occur in such a short time describes how this might help you understand the differences in inequality that has occurred in the United States over the last 200+ years. Explain in a paragraph how in just two generations such a difference occurs in terms of accumulated wealth.

The large difference in accumulated wealth of the two families can best be explained by the economic circumstances that each of the families is exposed to.  From the very beginning, most of the income of the Green family is used to pay for rental for the house and the income of Green is at best irregular because of the difficulty of finding and securing a proper job because of the policy of hiring black men last.  These factors early on affect the ability of the Green household to take advantage of proper economic which accounts for the difference in accumulated wealth of these families.

  1. From the section, click on the box called . Write a paragraph that summarizes what happens in the decline of an area.

The effect is called the downward spiral caused by the exodus of wealthy white families who perceive that the neighborhood is deteriorating because of the entry of black and latino families.  This also results in the transfer of business away from the area.  The tax structure in the United States is such that the wealthier districts have lower tax rates and better services, thus the already deteriorating quality of the former neighborhood is even made more depressed by the fact that tax rates are higher and unequal in proportion to the benefits provided.  This results in the area hitting “rock bottom”.

  1. Write two paragraphs that address the question of how race is both a reality and a myth. In these paragraphs, explain why people are prejudicial and if you think race and ethnic distinctions will ever disappear in the United States

The question of race is a problem in reality.  While scientific evidence shows that the theory of race is a myth, the effects of this perceived reality can be felt in real life.  The similarity in genetic make-up is inconsistent with the fact that the treatment is different.  People have been treated, historically, in a different manner depending on the “race” that the person belongs to.

There is hope however since the advent of globalization and the increased interactions between different races that the tolerance for people perceived to belong to a “different” race will increase and ultimately the world will be able to create a single race under which humans can all be classified.  This single race will be mankind in general without distinctions as to the color of one’s skin.

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