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The issue of racial profiling takes many shapes and forms. It is an issue that most of the free word is dealing with on a daily basis. In the United States racial profiling has been a hotly debated issue for many years. It has been reemphasized even more following the three separate terrorist attacks on September 11th 2001 that killed about 2,996 people. From its extreme form to the moderate, racial profiling is being defined as using a person’s race as a factor to determine whether or not a specific person is a suspect. Many claim that racial profiling and racism are the same, that racial profiling undermines the right of privacy and liberty, and that innocent people suffer when it is used. However, despite the validity of these claims, the use of racial profiling is appropriate but not our faults. Although the dictionary defines racial profiling as a “form of racism,” using race as one character is not the same as racism. Racism to me is when Jim Crow laws were in effect in the early United States. To single out a certain minority just because of facts, I do not believe it is wrong.

Americans since the September 11 attacks will always have the fear of a male, Muslim terrorist. The image will never be erased. Ever. Even those non-racists know they feel a little more safe knowing a Muslim is not on their plane. As Americans, we always people watch. Certainly scanning places for the unusual or something different from us. In airports, that happens to be Muslims. The attacks toward our towers of capitalism were a devastating blow to not just our country but our minds. He produced an image in our mind that all Muslims are wrong people. I do believe this is not good and a negative thing to have but, we cannot blame our faults. During a span of 10 years past the 9/11 attacks, a couple of terrorist attacks were plotted but not executed by whom else but Muslims. Yes, it is possibly for a white woman to blow up a plane but it is not likely. There are instances of white people losing their minds all the time. For example, the Oklahoma City Bombing which was performed by a white, male veteran.

Racial Profiling is also affected in our minds because of the media. When you watch TV, rarely do you hear stories of how the white man killed the other white man. Instead, you hear stories of how the black gang member killed multiple people. The media creates images in our mind that crime does not happen as often in certain races. But that is we hear, and we listen. The media does not help how we perceive race in America. When you turn on the news, all your hear is about black on black crime. Rarely will you hear about the white on white. It is all about the substantial amount of people killing each other in the poor neighborhoods. A death toll which is sky rocketing in a city such as Chicago; which leads the murder toll in any city on the Planet.

Racial profiling is an issue that you cannot eliminate. It is in most of us. Sadly, it is unfortunate for those in the minorities who are affected by most of our thinking. Racial discrimination will not leave this earth as long as we have people who live on it. Our minds our affected by the media. It will be something we live with forever.

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