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Many people are identify as a criminal for their actions on wich those actions were forced for the demoralization and brutalization of conditions under many people are force to live. Radical theories of crime causation are generally based on the uneven wealth in a sociaty. The longest people can find weaker people it will always be a cause for a crime by taking advantage of other people or preying on the them or in others cases when the person is force to commit a crime for the situation or necessity in the envaroment on where the person find itself. Radical criminologists argue that capitalism is an economy system that requires people to compete against each other in the individualistic pursuit of material wealth. In this theory people are classified in two groups; “ruling class” wich are those who have power by virtue of the ownership of material wealth and “working class or nonworking class” wich are those who struggle to survive on the society.

In some of those cases members from the “ruling class” prey on the lower class and violating their humans rights knowing that because the legal system flavours the wealthy they less likely to be arrested and punished or in some others cases the “working class or nonworking class” commit a crime for necessity of financial survival depending on the sitiation on where the crime is committed because without money result to crime in order to enjoy the luxuries of the wealthy and powerful. Some of the examples for this theory would be when a rich person committed a crime and just because he can get good attorney he’s sentence is reduced. Now when a non wealth person committed a crime and because he can’t pay an attorney he will probably have to do his time of his sentence. If wealth was redistributed economic, political and social levels then the rates of crime would be minimize and if an individual decide to commit a crime would by choice. Any individual cannot be judge and classified as a criminal just for some actions that in some cases is done for necessity and in other hand crimes will always be present for the uneven quality of living on the society.


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