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Raduis Telecom, Inc. Essay Sample

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Raduis Telecom, Inc. Essay Sample

This Agreement made and entered into by and between:

Raduis Telecom, INC. , a corporation duly organized and existing under Philippine Laws with office/business address at 12/F Tower 2 Rockwell Business Center Meralco Compound, Ortigas Avenue Pasig City represented herein by Ms. Yolanda S. Sillesa hereinafter referred to as the INDUSTRY PARTNER.

Adamson University, a non-stock, non-profit educational institution, duly organized and existing under Philippine Laws with office/business address at 1st Flr, St. Vincent Bldg., 900 San Marcelino St., Ermita, Manila represented herein by REV. FR. GREGORIO L. BAÑAGA JR., CM, University President, hereinafter referred to as UNIVERSITY;

Witnesseth that:

WHEREAS, the UNIVERSITY has established a professional program for its students under the degrees of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Bachelor of Science in Information System called the On-The-Job Training(OJT)/Internship program, one of the objectives of the program is to train students to become competitive and technologically innovative professionals through actual exposure to a professional workplace;

WHEREAS, the INDUSTRYPARTNER supports this program and is willing to give the students of the UNIVERSITY, enrolled in the OJT/Internship, course related work assignments and expose them to actual learning experiences;

NOW THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the foregoing premises, the parties hereby bind themselves to undertake this Agreement, under the following terms and conditions:

1. The duration of the program shall be equivalent to at least 480 working hours unless otherwise agreed upon by the INDUSTRY PARTNER and the UNIVERSITY;

2. The UNIVERSITY shall be responsible for briefing the student-trainees who intend to conduct practicum exposure in the INDUSTRY PARTNER as part of the UNIVERSITY’s curriculum;

3. The UNIVERSITY shall provide the Apprentice student-trainees the basic orientation on work values, behavior, and discipline to ensure smooth cooperation with the INDUSTRY PARTNER;

4. The UNIVERSITY shall voluntarily withdraw a student-trainee who is found to misbehave and/or act in defiance to existing standards, rules, and regulations of the INDUSTRY PARTNER and impose necessary university sanctions to the said student-trainee;

5. The INDUSTRY PARTNER shall commit to take in the student-trainees for the current semester consistent with the requirements of the UNIVERSITY;

6. The INDUSTRY PARTNER shall provide free relevant instruction and training to the student-trainees, consistent with its policies, rules and regulations. It shall treat the student in a professional manner, and shall not subject him/her to tasks and work assignments that are risky, dangerous or unrelated to the purpose of this Agreement;

7. There is no employer-employee relationship between the INDUSTRY PARTNER and the student-trainee. As student-trainee, he/she shall not be entitled to the compensation/benefits accorded to an employee. However, the company may grant the TRAINEE a training allowance, if possible, in accordance with the INDUSTRY PARTNER’s existing rules and regulations;

8. The INDUSTRY PARTNER is not obliged to employ student-trainee upon completion of the training. However, the INDUSTRY PARTYNER, upon consultation with the UNIVERSITY, may require qualified students to submit themselves to examinations, interviews, and file pertinent documents to support their application;

9. The student-trainee shall be personally responsible for any and all liabilities arising from gross negligence in the performance of his/her duties and functions while under training;

10. The parties shall not divulge any information that it may have access to, and any such information will only be used for academic purposes.

11. Both parties shall have the right to pre-terminate the Internship program if:

a. the TRAINEE violates the rules and regulations of the INDUSTRY PARTNER, or if there is serious misconduct;

b. the INDUSTRYPARTNER does not provide the kind of responsible training as agreed upon; or

c. there is any violation of the foregoing covenants that will warrant the cancellation of this Agreement;

PROVIDED, that the terminating party shall formally inform the Program Coordinator or Faculty Adviser of the grievance before any decision to terminate is made and finalized. The Program Coordinator or Faculty Adviser shall intervene in order to rectify the situation in the interest of all parties concerned.

12. That both parties shall exert all efforts necessary to achieve the objectives of this joint undertaking; and

13. This Memorandum of Agreement shall become effective upon signature of both parties and implementation will begin immediately and shall continue to be valid hereafter until written notice is given by either party thirty (30) days prior to the date of intended termination

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