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The rain slapped Tom Hurshore on the back Essay Sample

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The rain slapped Tom Hurshore on the back Essay Sample

He felt the water stream under his coat and beyond his neck. He had no time to enjoy the trickling sensation. He could not savor the moment. He knew he must devote his thoughts and energies into the escape he knew that he must gain focus, but the thoughts were pouring through him they were threatening to send him into a spasm. He felt the path change. It slipped down the mountainside weaving and winding Tom was set he was at one with himself and the path he knew every crack and took it at a neck breaking speed. He began to slow up he allowed his thoughts to rejoin him they flooded back.

He must have lost his follower for safe measure he left the path and rolled in tight under a bush. He groped his way along the rugged under growth feeling the vines scratch him. He felt a flow of moisture engulf his cheek. The blood was warm but it was no reason to stop. He knew a few more minutes and he would have made it. He could see a partial light strain its way through the bush. He pulled himself out and was greeted by a faint humming sound. He followed the sound it led him round the edge off a building. The noise grew louder as he reached a white building.

He slapped him hand a panel then aligned his mouth with the top of a doorframe and licked a small patch of wall that seemed a lot smoother than the rest. He then stepped back. The door opened upwards, concealing its self in the wall. He entered a room that was painted a bland white like the outer building, but it was awash with life and movement. Tom removed his jacket and spoke to a small man who had rounded spectacles and a dash of hair on his otherwise bald head.

‘Rufus how are you getting on with that device’ The man seemed shocked to see him and stuttered ‘Tom-Tom, your back mighty quickly’ Well my task appeared to be pointless’ said Tom with an annoyed grimace ‘I couldn’t get close enough to take the shots. ‘ ‘Well guarded are they? ‘ questioned Rufus raising his eyebrows, already knowing the awnser. ‘ Four troops at turrets, twelve patrolling the perimeter, but they are by know means unbreachable’ Rufus passed a mutter then gesticulated that Tom should follow him. He led him to a small booth in which they both just about fitted. Rufus flicked four switches all in different directions. Tom heard something turn he looked up and saw a small satellite spread itself. Rufus then started typing instructions in frantically.

The system beeped and then appeared to boot itself. ‘I believe we may be able to make link with the other groups. ‘ Said a jubilant Rufus. ‘But only if they haven’t been captured. ‘ Said a much more cautions Tom. ‘The Germans have stormed the Lithuanian border, and the Alpha unit were south of the river Daugarva but west of Riga. ‘ A philosophical Rufus paused for a moment and then asked, ‘Do we know if the Germans have made it all the way through Lithuania because once they do I think we will be able to start mobilizing some of our resources. ‘

‘According to Visheniey they are nearly all the way through, but why will that help us. ‘The Russians will shift more troops north to warn off the Germans we all know that the outer Soviet states are merely walls to protect Russia itself. ‘ Stated Tom. ‘ The Germans now have control over all of western Europe. ‘ ‘Even Portugal interrupted Rufus’ ‘Yes they were no match once Hagsline decided he wanted it. With all the trouble in America at the moment he no longer has to worry about that side of the world. ‘ They were interrupted by a beeping sound coming from the console and a flashing light. A message flashed across the screen signal traced.

Tom looked excited but Rufus looked worried ‘What’s the matter we have made contact haven’t we? ‘ ‘Yes’ said Rufus wearily ‘ but I’m not sure if its invisible contact a message should flash any minute now if not we better pack up and run the Russians will definitely beable to track the signal and will recognize that it is a rogue signal, remember no one has seen an English signal for nearly ten years and if the rumors from your man in the village are correct then they do have their suspicions of us and the other four groups that are left, especially since the Delta team were discovered in The Hague in 1956. ‘

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