Reaction in Sona 2013 Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

It is the fourth state of the nation address of our President, Noynoy Aquino. His term is said to be the uncorrupt government we had here in the Philippines. I can say that it is one of the best sona I heard because it uses our own language which is tagalog for all of us understand what it is instead of doing it in English. Pnoy mentioned how We progresses in the field of health, employment, agriculture, education, fishing and etc. Corrupt officials are also ejected in his term, those who make Filipinos experienced poverty by means of enriching themselves without thinking that the money they used to put in their pocket are for Filipinos nor for their own sake. As I observed, it is really true that there are changes and some progress we had and an example of it is the decreasing amount of our debt in the world bank. Imagine on the previous government the amount of it is too high that even those Filipino child that are not born yet have debts already, it is worse.

He also tackled those workers for example are the farmers, fishermen and the coconut farmers that are considered one of the poorest Filipino considering that they contribute much in our country. We can’t pretend that are government inherited too many problems from the previous government and Pnoy even admitted to himself that one nap, one year and even his whole term can’t resolve all the problems We, Filipinos are experiencing. Yes, it is true and I agree with our President. Many people that for me are considered to be ignorant or we can say those who are knowledge less comments a lot mostly are negative without knowing what is happening or even what is really the problem. Many disagreed that employment increases because they don’t even have their job, some says that sona are just for the pleasure of the president and believe that everything on it was not true. Too many speculations and rallys which doesn’t help us, hence traffic and noise pollution, some says that they are fond of creating rallys for them to be notice by the government and finally solve their problem.

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