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Reaction paper on ‘Miracle at Cell No. 7’ Essay Sample

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Reaction paper on ‘Miracle at Cell No. 7’ Essay Sample

The “Miracle in Cell No. 7” is a story about a mentally challenged (with an intelligence of a child) father and his daughter. Her father gets wrongly accused because of the corrupt court and ends up getting in jail in cell no. 7 where he becomes friends with his cellmates. At first they didn’t like him but as soon they got to spend time with him they realize that he is actually innocent. What’s sad about this movie is that he was up against the commissioner because it was his daughter that died. But with his daughter’s determination she goes into the prison just to be with her father even though it is wrong. The movie is very heartwarming and teaches us about family values, especially the relationship of a father and a daughter. It also shows us that in reality our justice systems can be corrupt and biased, especially when you are up against someone who very powerful and rich you can’t do anything. I think it is because money talks right now. We can’t change people anymore.

At the start of the movie the father and daughter are both watching and dancing to the sailor moon song. They are even looking at the bag Yea-Seong wanted and Yong-Gu promises he will buy it to her tomorrow because it’s his payday. But a customer already bought so they rush inside and try to plead to give it back. The father of the little girl who has the bag beats up Yong-Gu even though the song of sailor moon was playing ironically at the background. The lyrics when you translate it are “For love and justice, the pretty soldier in a sailor suit, Sailormoon! In the name of the moon, I’ll punish you!”. As the story progresses (actually we can see this at the first part already and find out that she’s the daughter of Yong-Gu) in the future Yea-Seong became a lawyer and did everything she can to help her father. She even looked for the friends or cellmates her father and her befriended while in prison and asked them to be witnesses for the case even though it has been so many years already and that he is already dead and the court has already dismissed his case. In a part where she was getting her fortune told she recognizes the daughter of the assistant. Here we can see that she is rebellious and ‘gangster’ like. She even rudely asks for allowance from her dad.

This is mostly the “stereotype” effect to children whose parents or parent get imprisoned. What I like about the movie is that Yong-Gu’s cellmates help him with smuggling his daughter inside even though it’s bad. What touched and me cry is the part during her birthday celebration and that it was also the day Yong-Gu, her father would be sentenced to death, instead of them being happy. She even finally got the Sailormoon bag she wanted. When the police already took her father away it so hard for them to part and they even kept on saying goodbye to each other. Later on while watching, we find out the chief in the prison where her father was held found out that the daughter of the commissioner died not because of murder. He investigated because he knows that Yong-Gu is really a nice and sincere man after he saved him during a fire in prison.

The cause is she slipped on ice and she wasn’t able to support herself because of the bag. Which is why she broke the back of her head that ironically caused her death. The reason she has a scar on her forehead is because of a brick fell on her. Also as it turns out Yong-Gu was giving CPR to her and unzipped her pants to give her more circulation of blood, as what he has learned. But during the court session the lawyer assigned didn’t do anything at all. Though at the end they finally see that Yong-Gu was indeed an innocent man. The court especially the commissioner really took advantage of Yong-Gu’s disability. I think he was just looking for someone to blame too.

The government should really investigate more on a person’s behavior too along with the case rather than just assuming and just going straight to the point. But it is really hard especially of you don’t have any money and the person you are up against has money and even has many connections. They also shouldn’t just judge a person right away. We also need more policemen like the chief in the movie. Not just the people in the government who are corrupt even the people who will give us justice too are. They are corrupt because they are blinded by money and are scared of the people above them. But all governments are corrupt but at least the others still do something to help the people but it is only in the Philippines who don’t do anything to help the people.

dosageofcaffiene. (2013, August 21). Miracle in Cell no. 7. Retrieved August 27, 2014, from wordpress: http://nastybiteofreality.wordpress.com/2013/08/21/miracle-in-cell-no-7/

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