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I remember getting my first mobile phone when I was in 6th grade. Even then, I knew times were already changing. What I did not know then was how I would be contributing to this advancing world. I am all for development because I like the feeling of doing things the easy way. Though inevitable, there are other things I am not agreeable with. In the 90s, the term, “Globalization” emerged. I am not familiar with the exact year, but I believe I first heard this word in high school. I may be wrong but recalling how I reacted to it then, I think it didn’t really bother me as long as I had new gadgets and nice transportation. After reading articles by Oliva Blanchette and GB Madison, I did not expect that Globalization had a larger scope. It’s not all about technology nor is it all about which country has some expensive machine that will help revolutionize the world. It’s more. Both authors contributed to my understanding of globalization. Two things struck me in GB Madison’s article:

1) Democracy
Globalization aims to have a market-friendly economy. I guess you can say that a country that is democratic in nature practices globalization, wherein countries want to be heard as a whole for economic development. In the interim, however, this may not hold true to third world countries. All this talk on Globalization will eventually hide the voices of the masses and even maybe the middle class. We all want to improve the quality of life but what if we won’t be able to reach that common goal as a whole because we can’t afford to have a life that offers these economic advances? 2) #Share-a-Coke Phenomena

On the other hand, Madison also discusses a wholly different perspective in civilization. Fast food companies have come up with advertisements that destroy the walls that separate different peoples because globalization presents “one civilization”. This is the good part of being globally civilized. We do not have walls that divide us any longer. Oliva Blanchette views globalization as a structured program. He wasn’t too keen on it saying that big companies prioritize profit maximization. This brings us again to countries that have cheap labor. The Philippines, a country whose labor is cheap may be over utilized and countries who buy this cheap labor will probably become dependent on the developing countries. While I believe in these factors both authors presented, I will still go with Globalization. The betterment of this civilization depends upon how people receive it and use it. I am an advocate of development and no matter how much we avoid it, we will, in different ways experience it. Protect what we can protect but do not prevent innovations from happening.

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