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The passage I have chosen is from Chapter 5, book 1, which takes place at a wine shop. Dickens is using this passage to explain the recent event that has taken place; crowds of people gather in front of the wine shop, and actually scoop up the wine for themselves from the broken cask. That shows the readers that these peasants are in physical hunger and are that desperate for food, showing that France isn’t in good shape. Once all the wine is gone all that is left over is the stains of the red wine on the street, the peoples hands, faces and feet. Dickens is foreshadowing the blood that will be left there in later years during the revolution. Like I stated before Dickens is showing the peasants hunger, but I think he is showing the physical hunger and the hunger the peasants have for justice and that they want freedom from the misery they’re in, therefore I feel he is also foreshadowing that the peasants are going to revolt and that they’re will be some kind of revolution.

When Dickens says “the wine was red wine”, it is symbolic in a way of showing the sense of revolution, because the peasants dressed themselves in the color red while revolting, but also the fact that red is symbolic by symbolizing the blood of all the peasants and people of France that will die in the fight for what they believe in. I also believe when Dickens closes this passage with the words wine-lees blood he is trying to say that although at that moment its just wine, eventually lives are taken and it turns into real blood, and that the blood will stain the streets of France, leaving a reminder of this terrible time.

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