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Several studies state a same perspective that, in China, 80 percent of social wealth is palmed in the 20 percent people’s hands. And yet, most of the happy few have or had (already gone) the desire to emigrate. “Among those mainland business owners who possess over 100 million RMB (about $ 16 million), 27 percent have already emigrated, while another 47 percent are considering emigrating.” ( the Atlantic: why China’s

why China’s Rich Want to Leave 2013-4-11) The loss of wealth lead to serious a problem: maybe after 20 years, China will become the world’s poorest countries. Why the rich, highly educated citizens in China want to leave their motherland where they were born and bred, where most of their wealth come from?

In the article “reasons for Chinese Immigration to the U.S.”, written by Mark Orwell (as cited in eHow ), the author states that, the reasons for Chinese emigration lie in the following aspects: Economics, Career Options and Social Issues. First, although most of the modern Chinese emigration do not have a economic problem, Chinese emigration workers tend to earn more compared in China to support themselves. Second, as for career options, the U.S. like other developed countries can provide more opportunities for the highly educated individuals to further their study especially in the technology and engineering fields, therefore it explain why there are increasingly more Chinese scientists and engineers choose to emigrate. At last, as one of the few communist countries, Chinese government has a firmly concentrated control on its citizens which means a limited space for the personal growth, not to mention the riot and high crime rates.

Rachel Wang’s article “ Why China’s Rich Want to Leave” (2013-4-11) shows that most important reason for emigration is the lack of security. The sense of security is made up by the safety in life, wealth, food, air, education, and right. Safety problems attach to social issues, which is similar to Orwell ’s conclusion. Even some small welfare reasons may also contribute to the loss of elites, like the inconvenience of Chinese passport resulting in complex procedures in international journey.

According to Hua (2012-12-06) in the article “the real reason China’s super-rich are packing up and moving abroad”, the main reasons for emigration especially for the businessmen are: their children’s education which can extend to the career option talked by Orwell, assets protection and preparing for retirement. Obviously, what directly lead to the elites’ emigrating is the forbiddance of dual citizenship.

All of the three authors mention the economic benefit, since “the economic basis can determine the superstructure (one’s happiness, life expectancy, career etc)”.

Most of the reasons, especially the important ones for Chinese emigration are included in the three articles in a systematic way, however all the authors fail to mention the corruption, inequity and the pressure of competition, since China is a country of 1.3 billion in population, and the academic misconduct which directly makes academic elites lose hearts.“Nearly 60% of people interviewed claim they are either considering emigration through investment overseas, or have already completed the process, according to the 2011 Private Wealth Report on China published by

China Merchants Bank and a business consulting firm Bain & Company.”(cited form TIME World China’s ‘Wealth Drain’: New Signs That Rich Chinese Are Set on Emigrating) there will be an immediate loss of national wealth. What is worse is the loss of public’s confidence in China’s domestic development. Chinese government has tried to make it harder for the elites’ emigration, however, Chinese emigrate with their wealth and wisdom every year. An adjustment of China’s government policy is needed.


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