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The story 57 Reasons for the Slate Quarry Suicides by Sam Miller is a strong piece of art that has a horror ending. It is a collection of story that tend to be less iffy. The character is simultaneously terrible and sympathetic and the ending of the narrative is moderately brutal. The title of this piece of work gains a disturbing resonance in its consequences about death. But, this is not the case. The primary theme of the 57 Reasons For the Slate Quarry Suicides is gay theme. It is very clear and evident that the gay theme is extensively encompassed in the story, which is explored through friendship, betrayal, revenge and bullying. Besides, it is all about Jared a teenager boy who happened to be a gay. Jared is viciously bullied in schools by some boys, but he acknowledges that he has a unique capability, which he can utilize to take revenge with the assistance of his friend Anchal.

The narrator utilizes an exceptional format throughout the story and memorable young character with unresolved speculative fiction elements. It is for this reason that the characters are harsh and brutal, thus making the end of the story vicious. Fortunately, the entire theme of gay is told in a list of 57 items, which is the reasons for the Slate Quarry suicide. Through the character Jared, the narrator utilizes a quite slow, but gruesome ending.

In contrast with the fiction story Magdala Amygdala by Lucy Snyder, the story combines classically accustomed motifs of the horror genre and combines them with a medical realism into something new. This makes this work, earnest and vibrant and the approach that the story takes is not anticipated. Unlike the 57 Reasons for the Slate Quarry Suiceds that explored the theme of gay, Magdala Amygdala explores the theme of powerless. Moreover, despite of Synder using horror, she also uses a subtle aspect to the story. With the powerful lead off story, the theme of powerless is nuanced to create a complete human and relatable diseased character, which becomes monstrous. It is for this reason that the story look lime a revisionist zombie story, which is not. The story is grounded in faith as a strange thing and personal. The story explores the idea of faith and how people use it to conquer pain.

Throughout the Magdala Amygdala, the narrator utilizes a special brain skinning style of literary shock and awe. Through this, she creates a science fiction or a comedy unlike Miller, who used an exceptional format and young adult character. Nevertheless, the tales twist and turn an anticipated in a manner that surprise and shock even a long time horror reader. However, both stories are well-modelled and transition smoothly from one voice to another, but horrifying because the stories consist of contents that are fantasy and horror that explains the various attitudes and how people react when they experience horror. Likewise, the themes that are discussed in these stories has the unfortunate impact of making their plots become somewhat predictable.


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