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The aim of this report is to explain why you should spend your holidays in Madrid and to give some recommendations of the best places you should go in order to have an excellent time in the city.

Firstly, I did some researches thanks to internet and to the world atlas to investigate which are the cultural places you can not lose. Then, I met some friends so as to contrast different opinions about which are the best restaurants, bars and night clubs where you will probably have moments you will not forget.

My research shows that Madrid, as the capital of Spain and as his most active city, possess a riqueza cultural and a night life very developed and very important. First of all, in the cultural area, there are some museums like the Prado, the Reina Sofia and the Thyssen where you can find several of the best works of art of the history that totally deserve a visit. The Retiro Park or the palace of Orient are others important places you can not miss. Secondly, as far as the night life is concerned, “lateral” or “mas que pintxos” are restaurants where you can have a typical food and by going there you will probably eat the Spanish gastronomy in a not touristic way. And to party all night long, you should go to “Pacha” or to “Gabana” where you could meet some nice people too.

In conclusion, the research shows that you should definitely come to Madrid to spend your holidays because you will have so much fun and you will love the city.

There are two main recommendations I would like to make:
1. You should take the bus tour that brings you throw all the most important monuments and it is not so expensive. 2. Before going to a night club, there are a lot of streets that are completely full of bars where you can enjoy different atmospheres having not only beer but also the famous Spanish “Sangría”.

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