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Rebel Flag Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

The “rebel” flag symbolizes just that, a rebellious attitude towards the country, the union of the states, and the laws that have been set in place to make sure that we do not go backwards to small minded thinking. It is rebellion against democracy really. In the modules content we talked about how the Civil War was not all about slavery. Even Lincoln had fears and hesitations about making the war bloodier and longer if he supported slavery as the main cause of the war. Lincoln instead was fighting for the cause of democracy. If this union of the United States failed, then the most gallant and persistent

effort for a democratic government would be an example to future nations that it cannot be done. The

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confederate flag is a direct rebellion of that democratic dream. To the question of if it is a symbol of heritage and remembrance, and the men that gave their lives; yes, it is.

It is a symbol of deep southern heritage and the men that fought to keep the south the way it was. So for a present day American to wave the confederate flag in present day is a celebration of the southern ideals and stubbornness to keep the south basically above the law. It is a symbol of racism and white supremacy, and it will undoubtedly offend the majority of the population today, just as a personal display of a swastika would. In my opinion the proper place to display the confederate flag is in a historical setting, in textbooks, in museums, or on a historical site. It should not be given the same respect and exposure as the current flag of the United States of America. Again, in my opinion, that would be ludicrous. The representation and values projected on the two different flags by present day society are unavoidably contradictory and would be extremely offensive.

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